Know Your Customer

We all know that Juice Plus+ is more than just an easy way to get added nutrition from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables every day. Thousands of people report that after only a few months of taking Juice Plus+, they’ve started to eat more fruits and vegetables, too. They also report that they’re drinking more water, drinking fewer soft drinks, eating less fast food – even visiting the doctor less often, plus many other benefits. (based on results from the Juice Plus+ Children’s Heath Study.) We call it the “Juice Plus+ Experience.”

Customer Expectations

The best way to prepare your new customer for the Juice Plus+ Experience is to set their expectations. You and they will know what to hope for, even to expect.

We have found that asking great questions BEFORE your new customer starts on Juice Plus+ does that perfectly, using this Customer Profile:

1. It gives your new customer an idea of what to be watching for; e.g.  “I didn’t know I was supposed to pay attention to my sleeping habits or gums.”

2. Customers  forget how they used to feel before Juice Plus+; this provides a comparison as the Juice Plus+ Effect becomes their “new normal”.

3. It helps you manage your customer’s expectations; “Juice Plus+ is not a cure for what ails you, but it’s great for your health.” “Take Juice Plus+ for your HEALTH, not for your sickness.”

4. During your follow-up phone calls or texts you can remind your customer WHY they started taking Juice Plus+ and encourage them to be consistent.

“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”
“It’s 7 times more expensive to get a new customer than to keep one.”

A life-long customer is worth the investment, so getting a customer is just the first of several important steps.

Developing a great relationship with each customer, based on their unique needs, will go a long way to making you successful in this business.

That relationship is key to your customer gaining full value from Juice Plus+ and delivering full value to you and your business.

Customer Care is at the core of the key goal for your JP+ Virtual Franchise: to build a base of 30-40 customers who are each ‘Raving Fans’ of Juice Plus+.

A Raving Fan is likely to be a life-long customer; some of them will join your team as JP+ Partners, while others will give you a constant supply of referrals. When that happens you never need to worry about running out of prospects (which never happens anyway!)

On the way to becoming a Raving Fan, Juice Plus+ will increasingly be at the top of your customer’s mind when it comes to nutrition. This happens IF they are having a good experience, not only with the product, but with the company and with YOU as their Juice Plus+ Representative.

Customer Care starts before and extends throughout the process of getting and keeping a Preferred Customer: Your StoryInvite and ShareFollowup and Education.

World-class Customer Care comes in several stages:

1. Know Your Customer (learn this during your first 60 days)

If you are already familiar with this first stage then study Engage Your Customer.

Customer Care begins with our first conversation, our Story and our answers to a prospect’s questions, because these set his or her expectations for Juice Plus+ – what will happen when they take it. If those expectations are either too high or too low, then we will not be happy with the outcome and neither will they. They need to be excited but realistic.

The Juice Plus+ Company has always operated by this principle: “under-promise and over-deliver”; as Juice Plus+ Reps. we live by it too. We ‘under-promise’ when we avoid avoid making unrealistic claims (like most of the advertising we see every day!). We ‘over-deliver’ when we far exceed the customer’s expectations with both our service and the quality and effectiveness of Juice Plus+.

To help set realistic expectations, we say: “I would love you to try Juice Plus + for 4 months and see what it could do for you!”

In our conversations we need to ask great questions to find out how best Juice Plus+ can meet their needs. They may ask “Could Juice Plus+ help with my … (disease, condition, problem, eg: high cholesterol)?” Here’s one answer:

“We always advise taking Juice Plus+ for your health, not for your sickness. When you look through this Juice Plus+ Research and realize that (statistically) you will see ALL these results when you take Juice Plus+ consistently every day, doesn’t it make sense that you will be getting healthier?”

In addition, Dr. Paul Williams, MD says: “There is no medical condition that cannot be improved by good nutrition.”

Ask Questions and then Listen; most people crave the opportunity to be truly heard, they will appreciate you listening well.

Use these Tips for Getting “Yes”.

Provide new customers with the benefits of the JP+ Children’s Health Study and the Juice Plus+ Experience (see below). Ask them if either or both of these options would suit them. These programs provide complimentary product, enhance their experience, and increase customer retention – they help us “over-deliver” and create Raving Fans.

Complete the Customer Profile with your new customer – a vital tool for setting and managing a customer’s expectations, setting them up for success.

2. Establish the Value of Juice Plus+

It’s vital that the true Value of Juice Plus+ is established in your customer’s mind during the first 4 months. At the end of 4 months, if they don’t understand that the value of Juice Plus+ far exceeds the cost, they will not continue; that will be a loss to them and to you!

You customer’s best chance of becoming a Raving Fan and continuing to take Juice Plus+ is when they take it consistently every day – then they will develop the “Juice Plus+ Habit”. Your Welcome Email is the first step towards this goal.

You can ask if it would be ok to remind them. If so, how often would they like to be reminded to take their JP+ over the first few weeks, and how? (Email, phone, facebook, text,…) You can stop your reminders after a week or two. Remember how long it took you to get ‘into the habit’!

Throughout the first 4 months there is no substitute for personal contact, so a quick phone call every month or two works wonders. “Virtual Tracking” emails remind you and suggesting a great approach.

Your Preferred Customer Genealogy Report is emailed to you monthly – use this valuable tool to ensure the best possible care for your customers.

3. Welcome Your New Customer

We like to email our new customers using this Welcome Email.

It’s important to advise your customer to start slowly; since they often don’t read emails (properly) you should call them to make sure they start slowly. Here’s some advice on that and more from Dr. Mitra Ray, dispelling several common myths about how and when to take Juice Plus+.

4. Customer Profile

Having completed the Customer Profile before they start taking Juice Plus+, your goal is to work with them so their Juice Plus+ Experience exceeds their expectations.

Step 5: Engage Your Customer