Wellness Presentations

… aka Healthy Living Parties

Wellness Presentations (WPs) have come with many different names: aka Wellness Workshops, Healthy Living Parties, Wellness Gatherings, etc. They are now our standard, consistent with our Mission “Inspiring Healthy Living Around the World”, promoting One Simple Change.

It is by far the most effective way to:

  • acquire customers

  • build an existing customer’s (and Partner’s) belief

  • attract Partners to your team

  • train Partners

  • show people there’s more to the JP+ experience than you and the tools (the bigger picture)

All successful teams in the world of Juice Plus+ are using WPs to great effect.

The key is to keep the approach simple, fun and duplicatable. Aim for 45 minutes, so there’s plenty of time for discussion and to get attendees signed up. Get as many as possible of the guests to interact and contribute; when they are involved they will be more receptive to the message.

Youtube Videos and Discussion (‘Smoothie and Movie’)

This is the best and simplest WP you can imagine – no presentation book, no script. The videos do the “heavy lifting”.

We serve a fruit and veggie tray and a selection of JP+ Complete Smoothies in the kitchen as guests arrive (prepared just beforehand). We sip them while watching the videos and discuss it afterwards. Alternatively, or as well, you can serve Complete smoothies after the presentation.

If you can show youtube videos on your TV you are good to go – Apple TV, Google Chromecast or iphone/ipad connected directly to your TV! You can use this video playlist or build your own.

We show the first video, then pause we share our stories – 2 or 3 from the presenter and others in the room (max. 60 seconds each), then have a short discussion. We lead into the other videos with comments like: “You may be wondering if children can eat Juice Plus+.” “Most people ask, how do you get all that nutrition into those capsules?!” “Juice Plus+ is clinically proven to make you healthier and to help you look good!” “As well as the capsules and chewables, we have a delicious smoothie mix.” “What if you want more results, faster? Then our Transform30 Plan is for you.”

After each video we have a brief discussion and answer questions. We keep the presentation – videos and discussion – to 45 minutes max. The most important part of the evening is the fun time afterwards – if you serve wine, so much the better (but that’s optional!) The discussion, the excitement, the positive energy – that’s what encourages your guests to jump on board.

At the start of your “presentation” tell them “At the end of our short presentation, I will give you 4 or 5 options. Your first Option is to nothing – and that’s okay! We just want you to make an informed decision.” This will break the ice and let them relax.


9 Simple Steps


Beauty of JP+

Bridging The Gap 1

Bridging The Gap 2

Bring the Family

Fitness Effect


Healthy Living Party


Luck of Irish

New Years Resolutions

Nutrition Detectives

Nutrition on the Run

Nutrition Seminar

Orange Invite

Summer Splash

Sunday Brunch

Thirsty Thursday


Wellness Picnic

Wine & Wellness

Wine & Wellness (ppt)

Winter Wellness

Invite everyone in your Pipeline, starting with your “top 10” until you have enough yes’s for your next WP.

The invitation process (including “Call-Send-Call” described in the Owner’s Manual) is the only way to go, and it’s crucial. Listen to this excellent message by Dana Wright (SSC) on Inviting.

When your HLP is just a day or two away, you can still invite someone at the last minute – often these will bring people out just as well as the invitation that’s 7-10 days ahead.

Texting the Invitation

We’re in a new world of communication where a growing number of people communicate more by texting and Facebook than by phone or email. So Stacey Turner tried a new approach to inviting people to her WP – texting the invitation.

Stacey went through her contacts on her phone and texted this invitation:

“Hey there, I am inviting you to join me and some of my friends this Friday night for an informal discussion on what we are all doing to stay healthy and a chance to share ideas and tips we use as health conscience Moms.  We are having dinner at 6 and talk at 6:45.  I know you are super busy but I thought you might like a night out. Can you come? Love, Stacey.”

Stacey got responses from prospects, people came, and she got orders. Why not try it next time?!

On a smartphone or blackberry you can build a list of those you plan to invite to all your events, and send one text to the list, or copy the text and paste it each time, making it less of a chore.

Here’s more great advice from Stacey and her ‘different’ successful WP.

How to Close a WP (one example)

“I am so glad that you were here to hear this information. If you are thinking “wow, how in the blazes am I going to get 9 to 13 servings of fresh raw fruits and vegetables into family?!”, that’s exactly where I was several years ago and that’s why I love my Juice Plus+.”

“As I said at the beginning, you now have 4 or 5 options. Your first Option is to nothing today – and that’s okay! Your second Option is to get started on Juice Plus+ capsules or chews – either the Trio or just the Fruit & Vegetable; you can always add the Berry later. Option 3 is to start on our Complete Drink Mix – you will love one or two smoothies/shakes every day with
Complete as the foundation. Your Option 4 is to combine 2 and 3 and opt for our Juice Plus+ Transformation 6-week Jump Start – this will get you the best results and the quickest results; you will be amazed!”

“For those of you who have a child or grandchild, between the ages of 4-18 (or a full time college student), you can get their Juice Plus+ free, once you become a paying customer. This is through our Juice Plus+ Children’s Health Study.”

“Remember, Juice Plus+ bridges the gap between what we do eat and what we should eat, for our kids too, and for about $1.50/day.  So if you would like to get started on any of our Juice Plus+ products, here’s an order form” (pass out the Order Form).

“Now, there is a fifth Option – we are looking for like-minded people to join our Movement. We are on a Mission to inspire people to Feel Good, Look Good, Make Money and Have Fun! If you would like to learn more, we can discuss that while we are enjoying our smoothie samples.”

Then you can offer and schedule Healthy Living Parties for anyone that is smiling – they wished they had a brother, sister, mother, uncle…. in the room.  Get your calendar out!

Use this Order Form to take orders and enter later at your Virtual Office.

Family WP

If you have the energy and the resources, you can invite parents and children to attend a Healthy Living Party together. Begin the presentation with the parents and children ages 6 and above together in one room and then split up after the FACT page. Begin with children ages 5 and under in a separate room from the start. Review these ideas for each of the groups of children. How to organize a Family HLP…

Family WP Invitations:

Bring the Whole Family

School Bus

9 Simple Steps

Nutrition Detectives

WP Tools:

Nutrition Detectives handout for parents

Nutrition Detectives Food Label Quiz for Kids

Nutrition Detectives 5 Clues

Veggie Animal Guessing Game

Nutrition Detectives Kids Directions

Nutrition Detectives Coloring Book

Nutrition Detectives Crossword Puzzle 1

Nutrition Detectives Crossword Puzzle 2

Tommy Tomato Coloring Picture

Other Good Ideas for WPs

At the beginning of a HLP you can ask attendees, as they arrive, to complete a Wellness Survey.

“Shock Value” is not always effective, but Worst Food Choices offers some amazing pictures and facts that you may find useful at a WP. Mountain Dew and Sunkist Orange Soda are great visuals to use showing the amount of sugar in popular sodas. Tape together the number of sugar packets that equal the sugar in those two drinks, and having them rolled up to start with, flip the string of packets out in front of the group to illustrate the shocking amount of sugar that’s in the drink.

Always send your guests away with something: a CD, DVD, another brochure. If they haven’t already been to your website, then a brochure with this website guide inserted inside would be great (add your own info. and cut the sheet into three).

Own Your Health, Own Your Life Party

If you are following the lead of our UK friends, here’s an outline of an event where you can show Juice Plus+ AND the Virtual Franchise together. Click on the images to download the documents.