Memory Jogger

…aka Your Invitation List

The Memory Jogger is the #1 tool for every Juice Plus+ Partner, whether you are Newbie or NMD. At its simplest, the Memory Jogger is an Invitation List – the names of those you will invite to look at Juice Plus+ – but as you build your business you will discover it is much more. This could be your Facebook friend list, and/or your Twitter or Instagram followers. It will certainly be everyone in your email address book. But first start with your Success Guide.

To build a paper list there are several versions including the one in your Success Guide, as well as this pdf.

For the New Juice Plus+ Partner

When you start your Juice Plus+ business with clear goals, you need a list of people you know, for 3 purposes:

  1. People you will tell that you’ve launched your new business – pretty much everyone (everyone in your phone address book, all your Facebook friends and Twitter/Instagram followers, and more).
  2. Invite “everyone” to a Zoom or Facebook Party during your first 30-60 days.
  3. A short list of 5 names – those you really want to have on your team, who you will invite face-to-face. Be sure to offer JP+ Soft Chew Samples, JP+ Complete single servings and the Complete Bars to these people, especially if they have kids!

To help you think of enough names, try using the Memory Jogger Categories sheet. Write down the name of everyone who comes to mind, whether you know them well or not. Do this and you should have a lot of names on your Memory Jogger – what an asset!

Next, Design Your Dream Team (use this template) by identifying 5 people you admire and respect and would love to have on your Team. Answer the following questions about each: How do you know them? (friend, co-worker, etc.) What do you know about them? (cancer survivor, mom) Why would you most like to have them on your team? Now discuss them with your coach and decide what Next Steps are appropriate.

With your sponsor, go through your Memory Jogger/Invitation List, discussing each person and deciding on the best approach to inviting them. Divide your big list into 3 categories: Green (close, faithful friends and family), Amber (people in your network) and Red (distant friend or someone you just met). The video below will help you use this process.

How to Invite

On Social Media you can start sowing seeds SUBTLY! The first rule is “Don’t be a Juice Plus+ Billboard!” In fact, don’t even mention JP+ by name – you want people to be intrigued; they must drag information out of you!

With your sponsor on the phone, start inviting those on your Green List (because they will be more forgiving and you will feel more relaxed), with simple questions such as:  “Can I practice on you?!”“Can I share with you something that I’m learning?” “Can I share something that’s really important to me?”

Then, after sharing your story, say “Would you be open to learning more?” If they are, then ask them to watch a video; you can text or send them a link to a Video to watch. Then “the Fortune is in the Follow Up“.

Finally, after learning from your sponsor how to invite, invite everyone on your list #2 (who lives locally and anyone you forgot) to your scheduled Wellness Presentations. Listen to this excellent message by Dana Wright (SSC) on Inviting.

For QSCs and Above

You can’t work the business very well with some unwritten, unstructured notion of who you are going to share Juice Plus+ with and what your next step with them is going to be.

Using the Memory Jogger Categories sheet go through section by section and think about who you know who is an accountant, a zoologist, and everything in between. You need 50-100 names at least.

Using our 20-10-5-1 Success Formula, transfer 20 names to your monthly planner, being intentional about your business.

Now give or send a copy of your Memory Jogger and Invitation List to your coach (this may be your sponsor, but not necessarily); then do a coaching call to better understand how to use the Memory Jogger with your Product Story, your Business Story and the tools we have for our business, and develop a next step plan of action with every name on your list.

Get started on Team Building – learn how to design it, build it, and care for it.

Finally, go to work with your Invitation List to fill your Pipeline and start meeting your Goals. Also, don’t forget the power of  3-Way Calls.

The Traffic Light System