Senior Sales Coordinator

Congratulations! You have reached another important milestone: the first level of Executive Leadership. Now, in addition to other benefits, you will receive a Business Incentive Bonus (an extra 10% on your check) and a Holiday Bonus.

Your Next Step:

Your next major Goal is, of course, Qualifying National Marketing Director (QNMD). Let Julie Herbst remind you about the Leadership Track:

To be eligible, QNMDs must maintain 2 Promote Out Bonus Lines/3 Promote Out Bonus Lines with a minimum of $1,500/$2,500 respectively in monthly base earnings and held for 3 consecutive months. To remain eligible, these requirements must be maintained at least 6 out of 12 months.

NOTE: PAYLINE is the number found on your 12 Month Analysis: – Reports – Team Data – Performance Analysis.

This worksheet will help you and your sponsor plan and track your progress (here’s an example.)

Once all requirements have been accomplished, email the completed worksheet to

As you know, you will get to QNMD by helping your team achieve their goals. As you reach for the 12 Club – three of your Team are in the 3 Club and 10-12 of your Team are qualifying their businesses – you will reach QNMD!

You’ve made great progress building a team, and you are inspired by the truth that Together Everyone Achieves More. This is a core strength and value of our entire Business Model – the Virtual Franchise.

Now your focus shifts to becoming a stronger Leader and developing Leaders on your team, helping them reach Senior Sales Coordinator, just like you. Develop a “Next Step Planning” mind set.

Start your month with your Invitation List and teach your team to do the same. Use the 20-10-5-1 Success Formula with Intention and Invitation. This will be your source of ‘new blood’ for your team; those who helped you get to SSC may not be the ones who help you reach QNMD, and you cannot get there alone.

Connection Calls will become increasingly important in your DMO with your Team members.

Your Next Step