Health & Nutrition Articles

Advice for Nutrition and Wellness on World Health Day

Are Natural Cures Bad for Your Health? (Health magazine, Nov. 2010)

Foods to Help Keep Flu at Bay (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics)

The Flu Fighters – in your Food (Wall St. Journal)

Calcium and Osteoporosis (Dr. Jim Guest)

The  Beauty of Healthy Skin

Dental Health

The Flu Fighters in Your Food

Fruit and Vegetables in a Weight Loss Diet

Top five natural food trends: who is buying what, and why

Get Wellness (Time magazine, January 2011)

Losing weight: Lifestyle changes trump any diet

Immune to Harm?

Declining Nutrition of Fruits and Vegetables

Heart attack risk lower among women with high anthocyanin intake

Higher Fruit, Veggie Intake Tied to Lower Risk of a Tough-to-Treat Breast Cancer

Eating Lots of Fruits and Vegetables May Help Asthma Sufferers

Vegan Diets have Plenty of Protein for Muscle-Building

Men’s Health Magazine: Dr. David Katz and Juice Plus+

Battling Brittle Bones … With Broccoli and Spinach?

Mistakes Healthy People Make

The Vital Role Nutrition Plays in Hormonal Balance for Men & Women

Healthy Living Adds 14 Years to Your Life

Senior city gardeners use new technology to grow organic produce

Eating 7-8 Fruits And Vegetables Per Day Will Make You Happier

It Takes More Than an Apple a Day

An Apple a Day Lowers Level of Blood Chemical Linked to Hardening of the Arteries

High Fat Food Goes Straight To Your Bloodstream

Hungry For Change: your health is in your hands

Carbs: The Good, the Bad, and the Debatable

Heart Disease Death Rate Drops With Each Added Fruit and Veggie Serving

Insurance Companies Say: Quit the Fizzy Pop.

Disc nutrition linked to back pain

New study is wake-up call for diet soda drinkers

Dr. Oz: Lessons from my Cancer Scare

Overwhelmed in the Protein Powder Market?

Nutrition to Improve Your Eye Health

Berries ‘help to clean up brain’

Bear Grylls and Juice Plus+ (Daily Mail)

A Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides

The New Science of Fetal Origins (pregnancy)

Nutri-Tip—No Excuses, Please! (

Understanding ‘Organic’

Problems In Pregnancy Signal Future Health Risks

Fruits and Vegetables May Prolong Your Life

The Real Cost of Eating More Vegetables

The Rainbow Connection (23 ways to eat better)

Your DNA Is Not Your Destiny (Time magazine)

Most Americans Still Not Eating Enough Fruits, Veggies

How To Bust Stress with Food

Peaches, Plums, Found to Kill Most Aggressive Type of Breast Cancer Cells

Runners Need More Fruits and Vegetables

Oxygen Free Radicals & Antioxidants

USDA says: “Make half your plate fruits and vegetables.”

Spring Clean Your Health (Evening Herald, February 2011)

Understanding How Soy Foods Impact Your Health

Soy & Cancer: Myths and Misconceptions (American Institute for Cancer Research)

Is Soy Safe for Cancer Patients?

Vegetables Can Protect Unborn Child Against Diabetes

Vegetables with apigenin are key cancer fighters

Why Am I So Hungry?

Why Food could be the Best Medicine of All (Time Magazine)

Vitamin & Mineral Supplement Articles

Could a Daily Vitamin Pill Cause Skin Cancer? (Daily Mail, UK, Sept. 2010)

Do Multi-Vitamins Cause Breast Cancer? (Dr. David Katz)

Is It Time To Stop Taking A Multivitamin? (Dr. David Katz)

“O” magazine: a Dose of Reality (Oprah)

10 Surprising Dangers of Vitamins and Supplements (Consumer Reports, September 2012)

Nutrients, Not Just Vitamins, Are Key to Anti-Aging

Rutgers Study: Vitamin E in Diet Protects Against Many Cancers

Study raises new concerns about safety of calcium (Washington Post, April 2011)

Skinny Fat People: Why Being Skinny Doesn’t Protect Us Against Diabetes and Death

Vitamin Truths and Lies (Reader’s Digest “The Vitamin Scam”)

Juice Plus+ Articles

Contamination a Common Problem in ”Greens” and “Whole Foods” Products (Juice Plus+ Approved)

Complete Nutrition from Juice Plus+

Juicing vs. Juice Plus+’ing

Juice Plus+ for Athletes

Juice Plus+ and Diabetes

Juice Plus+ Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Why We Take Juice Plus+

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