Social Media Guidelines

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Be sure to study these Trainings on Social Media.


Had to do that! Use of hashtags is something of a ‘black art’, but it’s powerful if you do it right.

First, on facebook put only one to three (maximum) hashtags in a post or comment. On Twitter or Instagram you can put as many as you like. You can make up your own, but it’s more effective for business building to use the same hashtag as other JP folks, because that will cause that hashtag to trend.

Here are some hashtags, that are trending:

#lovemylife #addvaluetolife #ownmylife #ownyourlife #makealife #makeadifference

#bethechange #makingmoneyonthego #mobilebizrocks #workfromhome

#thecompoundeffect #consistencycreatesresults #inspirehealthyliving #ownyourhealth

#beyourownboss #beindependent #nomoretrafficrants

#HLR #Shred10 #healthylivingrevolution #takehealthyback

#COMPLETEnutrition #fuelprotectrecover #growgoodhealth #FutureofFood

#blessedbeyondmeausure #tooblessedtobestressed #blessedtobeablessing

Learn more about hashtags.


Had to do that too! Here’s some practical advice on how to craft contagious Facebook content that cultivates curiosity. The videos (each about 2-3 minutes long) feature Jonah Berger, author of the useful book “Contagious”:

Principle #1: Social Currency
Principle #2: Triggers
Principle #3: Emotion
Principle #4: Public
Principle #5: Practical Value
Principle #6: Stories

Those who learn the simple skill set required to take advantage of Social Media to generate business, are doing very well.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Networking



  • Become a “fan” of the official Juice Plus+ Facebook and Twitter pages – above.

  • Be a ‘person’ not a salesperson.

  • Make your friends curious and wanting to know more.

  • Be careful what you say (delete anything you posted in haste and regret it).

  • Make your page private, so that strangers cannot view your information.

  • Repost official Juice Plus+ Posts on your page.

  • Post about upcoming events in your area (without mentioning Juice Plus+).

  • Post once a day at least and be consistent.

  • Make sure your post makes sense!

  • Talk about other aspects of your life.

  • Reconnect with old friends and family: Share pictures, leave friends comments and messages.

  • Let Juice Plus+ come up naturally when talking to family and friends. Example.” I’m glad my family has a boosted immune system during cold and flu season thanks to Juice Plus+!”

  • Ask friends questions about their life.

  • Continue the conversation about Juice Plus+ off  the social networking site: use email, 3-ways, face-2-face, zoom, etc.

  • Keep things professional when using LinkedIn; it is a business networking site.

  • Do it right or don’t do it!

  • Only talk about Juice Plus+; once a day max.

  • Make claims about Juice Plus+ that aren’t backed by scientific research.

  • Post anything about Juice Plus+ that you aren’t 100% sure is true.

  • Become friends with people you do not know.

  • Post that you are out of town; or be careless when “checking-in” on Facebook.

  • Post too often: 3 or 4 posts a day is plenty.

  • Make an unofficial Juice Plus+ page: it will be removed.

  • Post your Juice Plus+ website to the official Juice Plus+  Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter page: it will be removed.

  • Post anything you don’t want  everyone to see.

  • Link to someone else’s Juice Plus+ page.

  • Repost every post you see
    about Juice Plus+; be selective and work within the other rules.

  • Get into public arguments or disagreements.

  • Get political – for every friend you make, you will make more ‘enemies’!

  • Whine, complain or do anything else negative. The image you portray online will either attract or repel. Be constructive and positive at all times.