Follow-up – it’s where the Fortune is!

“People are much happier to hear from me than I give myself credit for.”

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“The Fortune is in the Follow-up”!  You will hear this often, and it so true. Follow-up can be one of the most underrated and underperformed parts of our Virtual Franchise, but if you embrace it and learn to love it, Follow-up will make you a Fortune! It’s also where you ask for and take the order, enrolling a new preferred customer.

Keep the appointment (for follow-up) – interested? If ‘yes’ …

Ask them to get started (to become a Juice Plus+ Preferred Customer). If ‘yes’, sign them up, just as you did.

Use the New Customer Questionnaire with your new customer – a vital tool.

These are some of the times it’s important for us to follow up:

  • After sharing a DVD, online video, Webinar or Juice Plus+ Radio
  • After a Team Building Tuesday or Startup Sunday Call
  • After a 3-way Connection Call
  • After a guest has attended a Wellness Presentation or a Prevention Plus+ event
  • After someone has taken a look at the business (either your ‘presentation’ or at an event)
  • After someone no-showed or canceled an event
  • Before a customer’s second box of Juice Plus+ is due to ship
  • With a Rep on your Team

Good follow-up makes all the difference between success and failure. Poor follow-up results in us ‘dropping the ball’ which terminates the play.

Learn how to follow-up well, in a timely fashion, asking the right questions, listening well, and responding sensitively and you’ll hear few no’s.

Follow-up is the essential bridge between high-payoff activities (sharing Juice Plus+ and the Virtual Franchise) and high-payoff results (enrolling customers and sponsoring new team members).



Follow-up to Enroll a Customer

Our customers are the life-blood of our business, so working to Enroll New Customers is a daily objective; practice until you know you are speaking with boldness and confidence especially when you are “asking for the sale”.

You could print these onto 3×5 cards and keep them by the phone so you know the questions that you need to ask them, and your responses to most frequently asked questions. Before you call, put a smile on your face – that puts a smile in your voice!
Smile and Dial.

1. “Hi …. how are you? Is this a good time to talk?”  Get straight to the point and refer back to your previous conversation; remind them of their interest (the reason you shared your Story), and the DVD or video you shared with them: “I’m calling about the video I shared with you”.

2. “Did you have a chance to watch the video?” Then listen well to what they say, ask questions to learn more about their interest and their need for Juice Plus+.

3. “Did the information make sense to you?” (the logic); share your Story again briefly. “Juice Plus+ is the most thoroughly researched nutritional product in history and the top selling nutritional product in a capsule in the world… because it works!”

4. “How did you feel about the information?” (the emotion). “What do you think would happen to your health if you and your family ate Juice Plus+ every day?

5. “I would love you to try Juice Plus + for 4 months and see what it could do for you! Are you ready to get started?”

6. “I can have Juice Plus+ shipped out to you tomorrow, and you’ll have it in 5-7 days. I will give you a call after you’ve received your order? All I need is a credit card or a debit card.

7. “It comes in a 4 month supply (2 bottles of each of the fruit, vegetable and berry capsules), but you pay in monthly installments of $71.25 (plus tax in some states). You are in complete control, and there’s a money-back guarantee.”

Write these down (in your own words) and practice them with your sponsor, a family and close friends (“do me a favor, I need to practice!”).

Typical Questions

Q: How much is it?  and how do I get it? (Refer to the Pricing Information)

A: “THAT’S THE BEST PART!!!  For 30 different fruits and veggies it’s less than $2.50 (for the trio or less than $1.50 for the duo) a day!!!  It comes in a 4 month supply (2 red cap bottles – the fruit capsules – 2 green cap bottles – the vegetable capsules – and 2 purple cap bottles – the berry capsules –  but they spread the costs our for you. You pay in monthly installments of $71.25 (or $44.50) plus tax in some states. You are in complete control, and there’s a money-back guarantee on unopened product.”

Q: It seems a bit expensive (although we rarely hear this these days).

A: “I know how you feel (I felt the same way until I found that…), but expensive compared to what? to degenerative disease? that’s expensive!! What is your health worth to you? My family just would not been without Juice Plus+ at any cost, because of the results we have seen.”  (you may need to share your story again, or add more details to what you already told them.)

“Try taking $2.50 (or $1.50) to the grocery store and buying fruit and veggies with it – that’s what Juice Plus+ costs – and that produce won’t even be organic! To me, Juice Plus+ is the best value I know for $2.50 (or $1.50) a day.”

With the Children’s Health Study you and (name) will both get Juice Plus+ for that price; so a family of 4 can get Juice Plus+ for less than $3 a day! That’s less than one Starbucks coffee!

Q: Could Juice Plus+ help with my … (disease, condition, problem, eg: high cholesterol)?

A: “We advise you to take Juice Plus+ for your health, not for your sickness. When you look through the Juice Plus+ Research and realize that (statistically) you will see ALL these results when you take Juice Plus+ consistently every day, doesn’t it make sense that you will be getting healthier?”

Q: What happens if I want to cancel?

A: “You may cancel your Juice Plus+ shipments at anytime – you are in complete control. We offer an unconditional 90-day, 100% money-back guarantee on unopened product. If you’re not completely satisfied with Juice Plus+, call me and I will take care of you.”

There are other Frequently Asked Questions and Answers in your Starter Guide.

Taking and Placing the Order

If you are taking the order over the phone it helps to complete this Order Form, asking your new customer for all the information needed; then you can file it in a 3-ring binder along with other notes about this customer. You do NOT need their signature on the form. We use this Order Form at Wellness Presentations and when exhibiting Juice Plus+ at a Trade Show or Health Fair.

When they say “yes” place their order at your Virtual Office, your or by calling the Preferred Customer Dept. at 1-800-347-6350.

If you don’t have an email address for them, ask for it. “If it’s ok with you, I’ll send you an occasional email with new information about health and nutrition.”

Complete the New Customer Questionnaire with your new customer – a vital tool.

Customer Care Follow-up

Once you have a customer, learn to use our Customer Care system to keep them, to get Referrals and to convert some of them into Reps on your team.

Connection Calls

Quite often, good follow-up will open the door for a Connection Call; hearing from a complete stranger is often just what your prospect (for the product or the business) needs to make a decision.

Follow-Up Scheduling

Use this Weekly Call Planner to manage your follow-up activities with Prospects, Customers, Business Prospects and Reps on your Team.

Your Virtual Office makes scheduling follow-up easy:

• My Prospects > Prospect Follow-up

• Select Prospect > Follow-up button

• Fill in form > Save

(Daily reminders appear on your Home Page Calendar)

Identify “Raving Fans”

• My Customers > Customer Search and Follow-up

• Click on Advanced Search

• Select Criteria > Run Report

Tracking Exposures in your Address Book

• Personal File > Address Book

• Search > Customers (drop-down menu)

• Click icon for Edit or View Contact Details

• Type in Reference Note > Save Reference Note

• Click Save or Save and Schedule a Follow-up

(Follow-ups scheduled from your Address Book will appear on your calendar as either Tasks or Appointments)

At each stage a “no” response is perfectly ok; “no” just means “not yet”, so keep them on your “later list”. Use these Tips for Getting “Yes”. Which Juice Plus+ Video do I use?There are a variety of professionally produced online videos and DVDs and audios at Juice Plus+ Radio, all designed for a variety of audiences, situations and uses, with doctors and other experts explaining the importance of health and nutrition and the role of, and the science behind, Juice Plus+.

Step 3: Inspire One Simple Change   – •   Pricing