Partner – Let’s Roll!

Congratulations on a great decision! Let’s launch your Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise.

First Some Ground Rules:

  • Have fun and share your story!
  • Don’t EVER send out a mass email/facebook message. You will ruin your warm market.
  • Be subtle on social media. You want your friends to ask YOU why you are so healthy and happy. Lead by example.
  • Understand that you are NEVER bugging your sponsor and your support line. It’s our job to help YOU be successful. Communicate with us as often as you can.
  • You don’t need to become an expert before you get started! Earn as you learn and let us help you!

Next Let’s Look at How our Business Works:

Get Ready with Your Sponsor!

  1. Please be sure to add to your contacts, address book, and/or your safe senders list. This will help ensure that you don’t miss any emails from The Juice Plus+ Company. After receiving your username and password email, log into your Virtual Office at and bookmark the site.
  2. Once logged in, click on ‘My Personal File’, then choose ‘My Websites’; this is where you will set-up your personalized website domain names ( and website design. You can choose which marquee and featured video to showcase on your personal site.
  3. Enroll yourself as your first customer (with another Juice Plus+ product!) You can do this two different ways:
    • Visit your personal website and click on “Buy”. Follow the directions to set up your order.
    • Login to your Virtual Office, click on ‘My Customers’, then ‘Submit Order’ (JP+, CHS or TG as appropriate). Complete your order.
  4.  Go to your personal Juice Plus+ website and look around:
    • Click on the different tabs at the top of the page to visit the Children’s Healthy Study website, your Tower Garden website and the Virtual Franchise website.
    • Watch some of the videos there.

Get Set with a Goal!

Work with your sponsor on an initial Goal and your Why, using this worksheet.

Your first Goal in building your Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise is to win a $100 Healthy Living Plan bonus and a free ticket to our next Conference. This Fast Track also promotes you to “Direct Distributor” and you start earning a 6% commission. Here’s an example:

This is really simple: just make a list of your “inner circle” – the people you know and love; those who know and love you. You will reach out to your favorites to find just one or two of them who want to order Juice Plus+. Then, when you have ordered your Juice Plus+ … it’s done!

If you sponsor a team member during your 30 day window, all of their personal and customer orders contribute to your 500 points for the HLP.

You have 30 days to do this, but it might only take 30 hours:

GO! Complete these 4 Steps with Your Sponsor:

  Start your Memory Jogger

This is your Invitation List – your first, most important tool for your business. Start with at least 30 names – give your sponsor a copy. As you start your business keep adding names until you have 50+; then keep building your list until you have 100+.

As soon as it’s ready, give or send the document to your sponsor. Next, with your sponsor, discuss each person and plan the best approach for each before you contact them. Two or three of them will be your potential team members.

  Watch our online Videos

While working on your memory jogger (in the next 48 hours) watch as many of the video clips at as possible. You will learn a lot, get very comfortable with our phenomenal product, and gain confidence and belief in what you are doing. Also, learn to use

  Work on your Juice Plus+ Story with your sponsor.

Juice Plus+ made sense to me because ___________________.

Then practice by calling your sponsor and sharing your story. You will work together to perfect your stories, which you will use over and over with your list.

  Enroll Your First Customers

Aim to get a hand full of customers (at least two) and, if possible, your first team member as quickly as possible. You will earn your first promotion, $100+ in profit and a $100 bonus, and you’ll be well on your to a bigger Fast Track.

You may find the simplest and easiest way to reach out to your friends and family is by texting them. Make a list of 10-20 people you would like to share Juice Plus+ with – your ‘inner circle’ – people you would love to benefit just as you and your family are benefitting. Then follow this guidance on Sharing by Texting.

If you want to get off to a fast start, consider launching your business with our tried and proven Business Launch Zooms or Facebook Parties. Your sponsor will advise you on the best tools to use – ones that fit you.

FINISHED?… Then here are your Next Steps!

What Should Your First Month (or two) Look Like?