Welcome Partner – Let’s Roll!

Congratulations on a great decision! Let’s launch your Juice Plus+ business. Please first complete your Welcome Course at the Juice Plus+ Hub (after signing in.)

Next Some Ground Rules:

  • Have fun and share your story!
  • Be subtle on social media. You want your friends to ask YOU why you are so healthy and happy. Lead by example.
  • Understand that you are NEVER bugging your sponsor and your support line. It’s our privilege to help YOU be successful. Connect with us as often as you can.
  • You don’t need to become an expert before you get started! Learn as you earn and let us help you!
  • Simply connect, have purposeful conversations, have them watch a video and follow up to place their order.
  • Here’s your Starter Guide and your New Partner Digital Starter Kit.

Here’s Your First Step – Promotion #1

The worksheet below will help you and your sponsor plan and track your progress (here’s an example.) This video explains how to use the worksheet.


If you are new to Juice Plus+, or you have a new team member, this is the perfect place to start. Log into your myjuiceplus.com, open up the Hub and complete the New Partner Welcome Course.


If the ship date of your first order is, for example, May 15th, the last day of your 10-day window is May 25th, of your 30-day window is June 15th.

If you were previously a customer and your order ships (or re-ships) in the same month that you become a Partner, the points from that order will count towards your promotional volume. Otherwise (if it ships in a different month) those points do NOT count.

The required two preferred customer orders (one of which must be your own) can be placed using the Partner’s own credit card, but they must both be shipped to the Partner’s address (with two different names). If the order (using the Partner’s credit card) is shipped to another address, that does NOT count as one of the two necessary orders, and the volume does NOT count towards the 900 points needed.

When you sponsor your own Partner (“Level 1”), all their personal orders count towards your 900 points, but their customer orders do not. Once you are a Partner+ then ALL your Level 1 Partners’ personal and customer orders count towards your 3,600 points for QSC promotion.

IF YOU DIDN’T COMPLETE YOUR PROMOTION AT THE START (or if you have recently been reinstated having previously been a partner) AND YOU WANT TO RESTART YOUR FAST TRACK, THEN YOUR 30 DAYS CAN START ON ANY DAY (More information on Restart), however the Express Track option is no longer available.

During a Restart, any product that reships during the new 30 day window will count for your promotion.

FINISHED?… Then here are your Next Steps!