Express Track or Fast Track to Success

As a new Juice Plus+ Partner, how you start your Virtual Franchise is up to you – you set the pace and we will match it. Go slow, Fast Track or Express Track! (see below).

4 Steps of the Express or Fast Track:




Please refer to these pages for more detail and guidance: Partner, Partner+, QSC.

Express Track

This exciting option allows you to gain promotion faster and receive increased Title Rewards:

  • Partner+ in your first 10 days to receive $100 (in 30 days receive $50 – Fast Track)
  • QSC in your first 30 days to receive $400  (in 60 days receive $300 – Fast Track)
  • SC in your first 6 months to receive $700  (in 6 months receive $600 – Fast Track)

Sponsors: until the Express Track option is added to the Virtual Office, promote your partner using “Fast Track” and our home office staff will award the Express Track when appropriate.

This is what it’s worth to Express Track to Sales Coordinator:


We all want everyone to succeed, so in their generosity, The Juice Plus+ Company will support your partner’s promotion even if they didn’t make it at the start.

The Express Track is only available in their first 10, 30 or 90 days for the P+, QSC and SC promotions. But if they didn’t make it, they can still Fast Track at any time. This is called a Restart.

Your partner can pick ANY date a product ships (or re-ships) to restart their ‘window’ (30 days for P+, 60 days for QSC and 6 months for SC.) 

During a Restart, any product that reships during the new ‘window’ will count for promotion. However, a product re-shipment may NOT be moved up (expedited) into the 30/60 day window for promotion.