Prevention Plus+ Webinars

Prevention Plus+ at Dallas Conference

   Richard DuBois, M.D.

Nemours Research (from the Dallas Conference)

    J. Atilio Canas, M.D.

Ovarian Cancer & Nutrition Education Study (ONE)

   Lovell A. Jones, Ph.D.

Nutrition in Medicine: What We Didn’t Learn in School

   Paul Williams, M.D.

How Whole Foods Support Healthy Cells

   Kim Dalzell, R.D.

Living Life to the Plus by Racing the Planet

   Dave O’Brien

To the Sahara and back on Juice Plus+

   Dave O’Brien

The Beauty of Juice Plus+

   Mitra Ray, Ph.D.

The Smile of Juice Plus+

   Frank Eggleston, D.D.S.

Inflammation – Acute and Chronic

   Hosted by Anita Boddie, Ph.D. and Paul Williams, M.D.

From Womb to World (Nutrition and Pregnancy)

   Hosted by Denise Romney, CD (DONA)

Live Life to the Plus+

   David Phillips, MD

Fueling Optimal Health and Fitness for All Ages

   Paul Stricker, M.D., Pediatric and Sports Medicine

ADHD, Autism and Juice Plus+

   Valerie Miles, M.D.

Fueling For Peak Performance

   Dr. David Phillips

Delving into the Clinical Research

  John Blair, Senior VP, NSA LLC

Clinically Proven – Part 1

   Hosted by Mitra Ray, Ph.D., Research Biochemist

Clinically Proven – Part 2

   Hosted by David Phillips, M.D., Sports Medicine

Clinically Proven – Part 3

   Hosted by Tamara M. Sachs, M.D., Internal Medicine

Clinically Proven – Part 4

   Hosted by Richard DuBois, M.D., Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases