Share Your Journey

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Enrolling new preferred customers is a 4-stage process (it’s not an event):

  • Live the Mission to set an example and Inspire Others to Healthy Living
  • Invite people to look at Juice Plus+ and/or to an event
  • Share Your Journey and our great product through your Story
  • Follow up by making an appointment and following through

Keep it simple; then those you invite to join your team will say: “I can do that!

We invite people to take a look at Juice Plus+ (our products) and to take a peak at what we do (our Virtual Franchise).

Using our 20-10-5-1 Success Formula, we invite people to:

  • learn about Complete, Juice Plus+, the Tower Garden, …
  • join you for lunch, coffee, etc.
  • watch a DVD, online video or webinar or join a live Call/Zoom
  • attend a live Wellness Party
  • attend a live Prevention Plus+ seminar
  • attend a live Virtual Franchise event
  • have a ‘Connection Call’ with your sponsor or coach
  • join your Team


1. Start with your Invitation List. Decide (be intentional):

  • Who – you will contact (use your Memory Jogger)
  • How – you will approach them (text, Facebook message, email, phone, in person, …)
  • Why – you believe they might be interested
  • What – tool you will use (Facebook Party, DVD, video, Conference Call, live Zoom, Connection Call)
  • When – you will do it (plan it)
  • Where – you plan to meet them in person (if possible)

2. Be out and about among people, in conversations where the door will open for you to share Juice Plus+; be alert. Keep your Memory Jogger up to date.

3. Establish interest, by asking good questions and listening well; think T.I.N.Y. – make it about Their Interest Not Yours.

4. When the door opens, or if you feel compelled to share Juice Plus+ because you know that you have something that meets their need (T.I.N.Y.) … then get right to the point and say “I may have something that will help…” and/or “I thought of you because…”

5. You can ask simple questions such as: “Are you interested in health and nutrition?” or “You look like someone who is interested in health and nutrition. Am I right?” “May I share with you something that I believe will help?” (to meet their need).

6. Decide … which product meets their need.

Have you tried TEXTING to share Juice Plus+?!


1. Share your story (crafting a compelling Story comes first). It should raise their curiosity enough for them to want more.

2. Ask “are you open for more information” – again to establish their level of interest; if ‘yes’ …

3. Offer them (a series of 18 short videos and 4 longer ones) or (a series of 9 short Tower Garden videos – if their initial interest is in the TG); if ‘yes’ …

4. Offer a CD or Juice Plus+ Radio, a DVD/video  or a brochure (if they prefer to read something); if ‘yes’ …

5. Make an appointment to Follow up (aspecific day and time, soon, and a number to call them on); if ‘yes’ … Have you tried TEXTING to share a video?!

DVDs, Online Videos and Webinars

Very often your prospect or customer will prefer to watch a video or webinar online. Here are several options:

1. (a series of 18 short videos and 4 longer ones).

2. (a series of 9 short Tower Garden videos – if their initial interest is in the TG).

3. the Live Life to the Plus+ webinar by Kathrine Lee.

4. the Live Life to the Plus+ webinar by Kathrine Lee with two business videos highlighted – for someone open to the business as well as Juice Plus+, or for a ‘raving fan’ customer.

5. a short presentation of Spanish videos.

6. – our website for sharing the product and business in all their glory!

There is no “perfect video” – use the one(s) you like best, the one you have with you or your favorite online video. You can’t give the wrong DVD/video to the right person, or the right DVD/video to the wrong person – when they are ready, they are ready.

Go with what you know. Let your own experience be your guide. “This video made a real impression on me. I’d like you to see it, too.”   

Watch as many of our online videos as possible. It’s a great way to learn more about Juice Plus+ and the Juice Plus+ product line and to strengthen your belief in our great products.

Our videos are great for customer education, too. There’s no better way to reinforce the Juice Plus+ habit with your existing customers or to get them to try other Juice Plus+ products.

The DVDs are available for order from Juice Plus Promotions.

Juice Plus+ Radio

CDs are now ‘old school’, but people still love the convenience of listening as they drive or while working at their computer. That’s where  Juice Plus+ Radio fits. You and your prospects or customers can listen to any or all of those audios (formerly CDs) on their smartphone or computer.

Persuade vs. convince (by Seth Godin)

Marketers don’t convince. Engineers convince. Marketers persuade. Persuasion appeals to the emotions and to fear and to the imagination. Convincing requires a spreadsheet or some other rational device.

It’s much easier to persuade someone if they’re already convinced, if they already know the facts. But it’s impossible to change someone’s mind merely by convincing them of your point.

If you’re spending a lot of your time trying to convince people, it’s no wonder it’s not working.

More Things You Need to Know

Step 2b: Follow-Up