Training Calls

These calls are a great opportunity to have some of our most successful NMDs train you and your new distributors in our system as well as a wonderful learning tool for improving your own coaching and training skills.

Campbell Team Training Calls ( password ‘campbellteam’)

Feb 1 – Randall and Dana Popham, NMD on “From Good to Great: What Do You Do When You Feel Stuck” (31 min)

Jan 25 – Carmen Maxwell, NMD on “From Introvert to NMD” (20 min)

Jan 18 – Jamie Kuenzie, NMD, 75 Club on “The Art of a Positive Experience” (27 min)

Jan 11 – Rhonda Hubbard, NMD, 50 Club on “Throw Away Your F.E.A.R and Start Dreaming” (19 min)

Jan 4 – Dr. Joel and Julie Herbst, NMDs, 100 Club on “The Magic of the Mission” (29 min) … Goals Worksheet by Amy Goetz, NMD

Dec. 28 – Laura Dorsey, NMD on “One Year to My Dreams Coming True” (23 min)

Dec. 14 – Jeanette Votruba, NMD, 100 Club on “Becoming a Grateful Entrepreneur” (30 min)

Dec. 7th – Jamie Weyrauch, NMD on “Setting the Stage for Success: DMO from DD to NMD” (24 min)

Nov. 30 – Deni Benedict, NMD hosts “The Juice Plus+ Dental Panel” (35 min) with Patti DeMatteis, Lora Boukheir, Julie Cox and Dr. Barb McClatchie DDS

Nov. 23 – Jennifer Starks, NMD on “Looking Autism in the Eye: Our Family’s Struggle with SPD” (29 min)

Nov. 16 – Karen Richards, NMD on “Going Viral: Creating Mystique in Media” (28 min)

Nov. 9 – Michele Pitto, NMD on “The Art of Engagement” (23 min)

Nov. 2 – Brian Koeth, NMD on “Real Men Eat Veggies” (26 min)

Oct. 26 – StaciJoy Ellis, NMD on “Butts in Seats” (25 min) Click here for the 10 Easy Steps (pdf)

Team Eagles Training Calls

Dr. Jim Guest, CCN: “Juice Plus+ Complete – a Superstar in its Own Right!”

Jill Sell: “Developing an NMD Mindset; Going from Stagnant to Stellar”

FOLLOW-UP is where the FORTUNE is

Sharing Juice Plus+ and Juice Plus+ Radio

Dr. Matt Brown interviews Liza Pepple “From Farm to Capsule” – NSA’s Director of Strategic Projects

Dr. Paul Williams Answers Commonly Asked Questions

Juice Plus+, Children’s Health Study and Autism (the story of Abigail Puffer)

Customer Care and Retention – 99%-order-the-2nd-JP-box-when… (with Leanne Harris, NMD)

The Amazing Health Impact of Juice Plus+ and Whole Food Nutrition (with Dr. Matt Brown, MD)

Dr. Angie Bell, M.D. OBGYN (interviewed by Cheryl Cortese)

Are Men different from Women in the JPVF Business? (Guy de Boo and Kerry Daigle)

Athletes and Oxidative Stress (Dr. Matt Brown)

Juice Plus+ and Hormones (Joanne Keller)

High Yielding Questions – Sharron Rankin

Back to the Basics I

Whole Day of Wellness: Jo Ellen Anderson, NMD

Dr. Matt Brown interviews Kathy Crockett, NMD – Professor at Lubbock Christian University: how to build a VF

Game Changer

Great Expectations

Children’s Health Study

Dr. Matt Brown interviews  Exercise Experts – Anna Li, Dr. Paul Stricker, Jack Medina, Dr. David Phillips, Jeff Olson

Memory Jogger andLesson from Luke

Dr. Matt Brown interviews 3 Pediatricians – Valerie Miles, MD; Joseph Cannizzaro, MD; Elizabeth LaDuc, M.D.

Filling the Room with Guests: the Heart of Promotion – Kerry Daigle (4/30/12)

Dr. Boronow explains the MD Anderson Ovarian Cancer study (4/30/12)

Your Keys to Success (Team Eagles Call 4/23/12)

Dr. Matt Brown interviews four doctors – Drew Clark, MD; Brad Ross, MD; John Saran, MD; Richard Boronow, MD

Customer Care – Mick & Jenny with help from several of Team Eagles


I’m New, Now What? – Rachel Harries, NMD

Dr. Matt Brown interviews Mick Daly (1/16/12)

Dr. Matt Brown interviews John Blair (Senior VP of Product & Research, NSA LLC)

Your Why, Your Dreams, Your Story 2 – Mick Daly (Team Eagles Call 1/16/12)

Your Why, Your Dreams, Your Story 1 – Mick & Jenny Daly

Building Your Business Face to Face – Curt Beavers

Juice Plus+ and Athletes – Mick Daly (research on Juice Plus+ in athletes explained:

ADHD, Autism & Juice Plus+ with Dr. Valerie Miles, MD (pediatrics)

Team Hope Training Calls

Kathrine Lee: Goals and Qualifying your Business (Printed Handout – PDF)

Wendy Campbell, RN, NMD: Introduction to Juice Plus + Business and Research

Wendy Campbell, RN, NMD: The Royal Crown to PVC to Paycheck

Julie Herbst: Working Your Business as a Mom

Dr. Michael Ewald: Juice Plus and My NSA Journey

Leanne and Ryan Gordon: A “Family Business” Story

Michelle Findlay: A Call for Busy People

Mary Scherer & Michelle Findlay: The Power of Events

Dawn Rathmann: Building Confidence Through the 4 Beliefs

NMD Men: Perspectives on the Virtual Franchise BusinessJerry Klein, NMD, Dave DeHart, NMD, Dr. Mike Ewald, NMD, Guy DeBoo, NMD, Bob Christofferson, NMD      Jim Campbell, NMD, Lee Williams, NMD, Curt Beavers. NMD

Terri Luongo: From Wellth to Wealth

Dr. Brown & Dr. Corson Conference Call: The Research Behind Juice Plus +

Kathrine Lee & Kristen Schultz: How to Get 5 New Customers