I’m Curious

The only thing that can rival Juice Plus+ is the business behind the product. It’s the perfect part-time business for busy people: a Healthy Living Affiliate program with very low investment, low risk, low overhead, with no territorial restrictions, yet with great upside potential.

We are unique in many ways, including:

  • We are a mission-driven company; we keep no inventory; the company processes our orders, ships directly to our customers, collects their payments, pays us and our teams, and manages our data.
  • A $52 start-up fee sets you up in business. You only buy product that you and your family will use. You will receive your own password protected Virtual Office (to manage your business), together with your own personal Juice Plus+ and Tower Garden websites – free for the first 2 months, then just $5/month if you wish to continue.
  • Executive positions in our company ( starting at “National Marketing Director”) come with an incredible benefits package, including comprehensive medical insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, prescription drug coverage, long term care insurance, a family tuition program, expense allowance, holiday bonus and more.

The greatest benefits of building your own Virtual Franchise are intangible yet extremely valuable. This business can fuel your FUN and it can fuel your FULFILLMENT.

If you are ready to partner with us, here’s how:

There are Two Ways to Get Started