Qualify Your Business

As you build your base of Preferred Customers and your team, your monthly paid product volume will grow until it reaches 1,800 each month; then your business is Qualified. See this Pricing Guide for full details.

When your business is Qualified, you earn a 3% bonus on most, if not all, of  your team. As your team grows, this ‘little’ 3% becomes more and more significant until it represents a large and growing proportion of your total Juice Plus+ income.

As long as you stay qualified, you will be eligible to receive leads from the company.

When you FIRST qualify your business, if you stay qualified for a second month, you will receive a $100 bonus and so will your active sponsor!

Our business is all about helping others and it’s very predictable; as we help our team members qualify their businesses, our business and our income grows as well:

A Qualified Business is a significant achievement on your road to success, and it is the foundation of your business. Your income is directly related to how consistently you qualify your own business and how well you teach and help others on your team to do the same.

So, whether this is your life’s work or part-time passion, maximize your time and efforts and qualify your business each and every month, and help others do the same.

How to Qualify

You qualify each month with at least 1,800 points (paid product volume).  This volume comes from:

1.  Your own family’s orders (preferred customer or wholesale)
2.  Your customers’ orders
3.  Your level 1 Partners’ orders
4.  Your level 1 Partners+’ orders

One order for the Juice Plus+ Trio capsules is worth 300 points; Orchard and Garden is 200 points; the other Juice Plus+ products are worth about 100 points and the Tower Garden is worth 310 – 485 points; credit for these points is spread out when customer pays on the installment plan.

customerqualifiedOver time, solidify your business by producing more than 1,800 points each month from your own base of approximately 24 Preferred Customer families ordering the Trio or equivalent. Here’s why this “Customer-Self-Qualifying” is so important. Keep using the 20-10-5-1 Success Formula to get you there.