For Shred10 in 2023, we are offering 10 Day & a 30 Day options supported by a private Facebook group.

Shred10 Focuses on 10 Guidelines:

Who is this for: Anyone looking for a health jumpstart, or overhaul in the new year. See flyer for benefits of the shred you can share. Let’s help our friends and family refocus on themselves and feel & look their best again!

Shred10 Resources

Shred10 System Guide
Shred10 System Guide (Spanish)
Shred10 Guidelines
Shred10 Guide Book
Shred10 Guide Book (Spanish)
Shred10 Cooking Guide
Shred10 Presentation Script
Shred10 Presentation Book
Shred10 Presentation Book – Spanish
Shred10 Presentation Book (Online Flipbook)
Shred10 Presentation (PowerPoint)
Shred10 Results Tracker
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