Some key changes were made to the Shred10 program that went into effect on January 1, 2020. You can watch a summary video on these at

In summary:

  • Some of the guidelines have been adjusted to be more flexible, allowing people to do the Shred10 for extended periods of time, or even permanently.
  • It is no longer a 10 day program, but instead 10 guidelines that you follow for whatever period of time you choose. Ideally a minimum of a couple weeks is best, but it is flexible.
  • Anyone can start the program at any time. We are no longer organizing a monthly calendar for the Shred10. If you would like to do this as a team, feel free, but there is nothing company-wide organized.
  • The product packages have been adjusted to a lower price point.
  • Running the Shred10 community and support online can easily be incorporated into an existing customer care group or be done through a dedicated Shred10 group/messenger stream.
  • Juice Plus+ partners can visit the official Shred10 Facebook page at to find materials to help support their customers. Any content on this Facebook page can be shared freely with prospects and customers (just click the “share” button under the posts you like!) Please note, the content on this page will be developing more over the next several months so prepare for some cool Shred10 resources emerging!

The new videos can all be closed captioned into English and subtitled into Spanish) Here is the introductory video with Dr. Mitra Ray and Jake Kelly: