How Does Shred10™ Support Your Business?

Monthly Rhythm

There is a rhythm to a business fully maximizing Shred10™ as a business building tool.

1. Beginning of the Month – Run a Shred10™ Facebook Group
2. Mid-Month – Follow up and Add Team Members
  • Talk with customers about their experience with Shred10™ and Juice Plus+ (encouraging them to continue with our “Live It!” maintenance program leading to a new lifestyle)
  • Let them know that normally when customers have a great experience with the Shred10™ they want to do it again and invite others to join them … ‘word of mouth’
  • Share the Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise with them and help them get enrolled as a Representative
3. Late-Month – Promote the Next Shred10™
  • Lock arms with your new team member and help them invite others to participate in the next Shred10™. Some people may just want to add Juice Plus+ and Complete to their diets, which is great too
  • When a few of their friends join by the end of the month, the new Representative will receive a bonus and promotion
  • Repeat this process month after month; 9 full Shred10™ orders will give you a Qualified Business for 4 months.

Promotional Videos

Jake Kelly & Dr. Mitra Ray Intro video (

Michelle Ball Intro video

Julie Herbst educational video

Customer Resources (ONLY for those who are Shredding)

Dr. Mitra Ray educational video (

Shred10™ Guide (for every customer who joins the Shred10)

Taste The Shred! Shred10™ Cooking Guide

Revolution Recipes Cookbook

Healthy Living Ambassadors Children’s Book

Full Resource List (for Shred10™ Monthly Groups)

Rep Resources

Shred10™ System Guide (a must-read)

Shred10™ Customer Journey (step by step guide with all videos and materials)

Shred10™ Order Form (US)

Customer Profile (new customer questionnaire)

Shred10 Points Chart