How to Invite to Facebook Parties

How do you invite well for the best attendance?

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions.

Only invite personally (one text, one FB message, etc., to each person) a few at a time and keep up with it, so you invite different people to the next one.

Texting the Invitation

This REALLY works: a DIRECT MESSAGE – pm or text or call. “I’ve been thinking of you. Are you still looking for a way to ___” (fill in the blank if you know their situation, something they are wanting), or you can say “Are you by any chance interested in a way to eat better? get healthier? feel better? I’m attending a FB event with some folks I personally know. They will educate us. Would you like to attend? I can send you an invite. It’s tomorrow night at 8. I think it’s going to be empowering! Let me know if you want to check it out!”

Finding Friends and Customers to Host a Party for You

Do a text blitz: “Hey there, I am looking for people who would be willing to host a Facebook party (no house cleaning involved) for me to jumpstart my business and help people get healthier! Would you be open to doing that for me? It’s super simple. I do all the work, all you have to do is invite! Plus, there will be a great host reward for you as well, like yummy shakes maybe! ;)”


“Just a reminder about the live FB event tonight. I know it’s going to motivate and educate us. Let’s get empowered together! See you on the event FB page at _______(put the time i.e. 8 PM CST/ 9PM EST)!”

Invitation Tips

Invite friends personally, one-at-a-time (no group messaging – that’s spamming.)

Be interactive (conversational, not lecture) and genuine (caring, concerned) and make sure what you’re saying doesn’t sound recited.

Optionally try to engage them in a personal conversation; this helps open them up to saying “yes”. Make it seem fun, inviting and special, just for them.

Do NOT use the exact examples above – write your own, so your friends know it’s really YOU!