Setting Up Your Virtual Office

Juice Pus+ has invested millions to keep us in the forefront of  the internet revolution, and the Virtual Office ( is a great example. You get a multi-million dollar business in a $50 box!

The site is a private, secured website to help you run your business and manage your data. In contrast your site is your your “storefront” or public website.

If you are brand new, you should also have received a welcome email from corporate. You will need to follow the instructions in that email to complete your application and receive your Virtual Office login information.

If you did not receive the email with your username and password, try this:

  • username = first initial, last name – all caps

  • password = first initial, last name, last 5 digits of phone number

These brief tutorials will show you around your new office! Then watch the videos at Using Your Virtual Office.

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