Qualifying Sales Coordinator with a Qualified Business

Congratulations! You have reached an important milestone: a Qualified Business. You are now able to earn the important 3% performance bonus, in addition to commissions and retail profit. Over time this little 3% will grow into the most significant contributor to your monthly check.

You have also mastered the first “fundamental’ of Juice Plus+ – Building a Customer Base.

Your Next Step:

Your next Goal is Sales Coordinator – the highest commission level in the JP+ Business.

Use this worksheet to track your progress (click the image to download an interactive pdf):

Continue building your Team. Help each of your new JP+ Reps. to Fast Track.

Continue to Plan – Invite – Share – Follow Up – Care and teach your team to do the same.

Start your month with your Invitation List and teach your team to do the same. Use the 20-10-5-1 Success Formula with Intention and Invitation.

Support your growing team with Healthy Living Revolution Zoom events.

Your Next Step