Engage Your Customer

As you get to Know Your Customer, it’s so important to engage them, to draw them into both the Juice Plus+ Experience and our Juice Plus+ Culture and Community. Your main goals are:

  1. to help them develop the  “Juice Plus+ Habit” – only that way will they see the results they deserve and that we want.
  2. to convert them into Raving Fan Customers, who will expand the use of Juice Plus+ in their family and either recommend it to others or join our mission.

Here are some ways to achieve that.

One on One – Get to know your customer

  • Complete Customer Profile on Day 1
  • Send One Simple Change Tracker and thank you note
  • Check in at Day 10, 30, 60, 90 etc.
  • Build relationship using phone, text, FB, VOXER

Add them to our Customer Facebook Group

  • Engage in the Group by Liking and Commenting
  • Welcome them into the Group
  • Engage in the Group by Posting
  • Encourage Customers to engage

Add them to Customer Email List

  • Turn on your Email Notifications on Facebook
  • Receive emails of Customer FB Group posts
  • Forward the emails to customers – allows Customers to see what is happening

Inspire One Simple Change

  • Recommend your customer adopt One Simple Change each month
  • Use the One Simple Change Tracker to stay accountable.
  • Invite to local Events
  • Fun, Education, Inspiration
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Invite their friends
  • Engage Customer in Community

100 Day Customer Email Campaign

New customers receive these emails from corporate:

~ Day 1 – How to add Juice Plus+ to your life
~ Day 15 – 5 ways to eat more fruits and vegetables
~ Day 30 – How Juice Plus+ may be changing your life
~ Day 45 – Why are antioxidants important?
~ Day 60 – How Juice Plus+ helps your heart
~ Day 75 – What’s so special about my immune system?
~ Day 90 – Juice Plus+ Experience

The 100 Day “Personal Touch” Customer Care Plan helps you keep track of each and every one of your customers during the critical evaluation period of their first 100 days.

Your goal is to provide 10 follow-up connections with your new customer in the first 100 days – approximately once every two weeks. Juice Plus+ will send you e-mail reminders to call your customers, along with suggested talking points.

In addition, you’ll receive an alert via your Virtual Office Home Page before the second box of Juice Plus+ is shipped – the perfect time to call your customer and conduct the Juice Plus+ Experience Survey.

Educate Your Customer

Education both before and after someone becomes a Juice Plus+ customer is important – really important. In addition to their own results it’s the best way to establish the Value of Juice Plus+.

Some people want Juice Plus+ immediately; they are so excited! These people need education, so their initial enthusiasm doesn’t wane. Some people are skeptical, but once educated they believe in the value of Juice Plus+ and should soon become Raving Fans. The third group don’t get it and are not ready to be educated, so don’t waste time and energy on them.

Provide on-going education to customers regarding the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables and taking Juice Plus+. Share more online videos. Invite them to Events (pick them up to make sure they come), send regular emails with articles on health, nutrition and Juice Plus+ news (your customer will receive Juice Plus+’s 7 emails during their first 100 days).

Add them to your (or your team’s) Facebook Group, where they will be informed and encouraged.

Sending them emails with health articles is also an easy way to educate them and keep them thinking about Juice Plus+. Here are some Health Articles you can use.

Once you have developed a great relationship and your customers are having a good experience with Juice Plus+, many will start giving you referrals; this may be as soon as when you conduct the JP+ Experience Survey with your customer after their first 4 months.

Talk to them about our “Friends & Family” way to offset the cost of their Juice Plus+, about the full business opportunity, or being a ‘referral partner’ (you sharing the profit from new customers with them as a ‘thank-you’).

Step 6: Create a Juice Plus+ Raving Fan