Facebook Party Follow-up

Plan ahead; during the party watch for comments by your guests – they will tell you what interests them. Be ready: immediately after the party follow up.

How to download the list of event attendees (click here)

At the end of the event the those who invited guests should tag each guest in the website ordering post or the party incentive post (if you are doing one) so that they see it.

The real work begins immediately after the FB party ends. Follow up immediately! (People will forget approx 50-75% of what they saw within 24 hours of the FB party!)

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.19.10 AMFind the “Message Guests” button at the FB event page. If the window doesn’t open, you may need to disable your browser’s popup blocker.

Use that window to send a message like this (it will go to each person individually):

“I wanted to personally thank you for joining our party and for taking the time to read through the posts and watch the videos. I would love to know your biggest take away and if you have any questions on how to get your family started on this amazing health journey.  My family has been taking the trio and drinking the shakes everyday for __ years now.  I would love to get your order to help _____ earn her rewards as well! It’s a win-win!! Also, if you would like to host a party just like this for your family and friends please let me know as I want to spread this message of hope for health to as many people as possible! Thanks again and have a wonderful day!”

If they say, “I’ll place it myself.”  you say, “Super, are you ordering tonight, so I can watch for it and add you to the group?”  When they say, yes…I am ordering…you reply, “Smart, very smart decision. I’ll add you to our private customer group as soon as I see it come through.”

If someone says they didn’t make it: “I’m sorry, but good news – you can still check it out. Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/events/xxxxxxx  Let me know what you like best!”

Keep following up (short of becoming a pest!) until you get some response.

Unless they say “NO”, invite them to the next event, or the next one that is a good fit for them and their interests.

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