Facebook Basics

Facebook is the most popular social networking site on the internet and one of the top five all internet sites accessed worldwide. So, learn to make “facebooking” part of your regular social interactions, if you seriously want to grow. Instead of asking for someone’s business card, ask “can we connect on Facebook?”

Facebook is more than a social media website. Much more! Facebook is fast becoming a Business Building Platform – optional but powerful. Facebook is becoming one of our top Tools!

Using Facebook well provides rocket fuel to your business building efforts, especially in engaging your prospects and customers.

Of course, this can only help if you are on Facebook! Here are some of our Facebook Basics.

We recommend:

1. Like the official www.juiceplus.com/facebook page.

2. Join our secret Team Eagles of Juice Plus+ group, so you get updates (if you are not in the group, ask your sponsor to add you).

3. Add your new customer (if they are on Facebook) to our secret Inspiring Healthy Living Community group.

4. Hold Facebook Parties … optional but so powerful!

5. Learn and use our Facebook Friends Favor Plan.

Knowing how to interact on Facebook.

Think about Facebook as if it was like living in a dorm.

  • Everyone you interact with has a reason for being here, but not always the same reason as you
  • Discover their reason, and you will discover common ground.
  • There will be drama… walk away and avoid it, or address it personally.
  • Negativity, inappropriate content, etc, can be addressed via Private Message (PM), then “unfollowing” the person, and if persistent, by “blocking” the person.
  • There will be cliques, these take the form of groups, pages and conversation strings
  • Find ones that work for you. Don’t join just because you think you should.
  • There are times to join in, and times to pass by smiling (always smiling).
  • Read the post and comments. Comments are a conversation, not a letter or email. If you can naturally join the conversation, go ahead. If not, hit “like” and keep moving. Don’t over-comment, people can feel when it’s not natural.
  • Hashtagging tracks trends (and also draws attention). Don’t overuse hashtags, but don’t be afraid to make up silly ones, either. 🙂
  • Your personal page is like your door to the rest of the dorm. Only put on the outside of your door what you want the world to see, but share enough of yourself that people want to meet you. Don’t spam your door with only JP+ – people want to see the real you.

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