Website Banner Ads

Do you have your own personal or professional website? If so, you may use any of the images posted at Juice PLUS+ Insights (scroll to the bottom) to link back from that site to your personal website.

Use of any Social Media Shareables & Website Banners the Juice Plus+ Partner agrees to adhere to the following rules of use:

  • All images must remain in their original design as provided by The Juice Plus+ Company.
  • Images cannot be altered, edited, or changed in any way without written consent from The Juice Plus+ Company.
  • Use of images on locations or in combination with competing products is not permitted.
  • Images must not be used with content or on locations deemed contrary to Juice Plus+ strategies and philosophies. This decision is at the sole discretion of The Juice Plus+ Company.
  • Please refer to the Rules For Operation Of A Juice Plus+® Virtual Franchise form 955312 for additional rules.