For things to get better, I have to get better…  For things to change, I have to change…

We’ve heard this so many times … and it is true.

Also true: if you want to change the world (and we know many of you do!), you must start by changing yourself.

But it’s hard … we are creatures of habit; change can be tough, especially when it’s necessary!

Jenny and I have changed a LOT since starting our NSA business 18 years ago – and I don’t just mean that we’ve aged…  thankfully the aging process is slow with Juice Plus+!

We’ve changed for the better, and we’ve seen this to be true in so many other people; and it’s partly as a result of, as a response to, working this business; partly it’s been a conscious effort on our part to increase our chances of success – and it has. Personal growth is necessary and inevitable … at least if you are committed to getting better, and work at it.

In my case, there’s a great deal of change still needed, but I am confident that it’s coming, it’s in my future, it IS my future. How about you?

In Kathrine Lee’s message (below), you will hear her say “Either we manage Change or it will manage us”. Change is a given, we have no choice about change in the world around us; we have a choice about how we respond to change, and how we ourselves change … or
not.The book Kathrine mentions is “Change is Good, You Go First” by Mac Anderson.

Here is Kathrine’s priceless message: Change 1.