Developing The Leader In You and In Others

by Dawn Rathman, NMD

Remember it is a gift to give people the gift of health

I. Principle Centered Leadership

There is a book I read eight years ago called “Principle Centered Leadership” By Steven Covey.  I highly recommend it.

Step 1: Universal Truths or Principles

If you do not want to submit to your truths/principles you will loose every time.  Like telling the truth, having integrity, putting others first, being a servant leader, things like that. The more we can grow in understanding universal truths, the Bible is a wonderful source for that, The more we understand what truth is and learn to live by it the more we will grow the more self esteem we will have the better everything will be. The more people will appreciate our service to them.

Step 2:  The Juice Plus+ System

It is important to be teachable and learn the Juice Plus+ system. It does work. If you do not
like it you can modify little things, you can try to do it your own way but it will just take you longer. So just submit to the system and follow it for success. By following these universal truths things work better.

Step 3: Use the systems your team has that really work well

The Juice Plus+ business model is complete, tried and proven. But there is still room for innovation, and we are innovating all the time.

Introduction to Part II

It is time to get over your self. Getting over the fear of giving out DVDs is an area for most to overcome. This is the area where most personal growth is occurring. It is not that big of a deal. It does not matter.  What can happen? They either say yes or no to watching a DVD or to getting on Juice Plus+. By sharing DVDs you are helping others achieve optimum health. It would be a good thing for others to have Juice Plus+ in their body. With that philosophy your fear should be diminished.  Remember you are just the messenger
not the message. This sharing of information is the gift of health and that is precious. There is a wave within Juice Plus+ right now were a lot of people are training their new distributors on how to get over this fear. That shows a level of leadership. How do you help other people work through their fear? That is the next step of leadership.  Really, it is
more important to just get Juice Plus+ into people’s bodies then anything else.

II. Principle Centered Application

Step 1:  Applying Universal Truth in your life and learning more about it and getting better
at it

Learn it!  Spend the time learning more about the other three things you will not be able to apply your knowledge and succeed.  You will only be as good as you are now and you will not grow.  Someone who is a leader is always a student. Do not ask others “why do I have to learn this or that?  Why do I have to do that?”  Just do it and by being a submissive student you are always asking how can I learn more and therefore how can I get better. Now you are learning and growing and developing and becoming better. So in review: Learn it, study it, be a student, and be teachable.

Step 2:  Applying the Juice Plus+ system.

Now apply what you have learned.  Take action! Do not take a long time to take action. Do it now!  Some people, who do get it, get it right away and sometimes get frustrated when others do not get it right away.  These people usually do well getting customers but they do not do well developing people or a team. These people spring up really quickly by gaining a lot of customers because they say “I get Juice Plus+ and I share it with everybody.” Yet, it’s pretty hard for them to go onto the next level because they do not understand why others do not take action.  It is difficult to train them to become a leader. You need to understand all types of people so you can train everyone to be successful leaders. It is important then to understand the principles so you can share these principles with your team and further develop a team full of leaders and distributors with goals.  People who have never thought about the principles and just take action will have a more
difficult time explaining them and more importantly demonstrating them to others. It is like a person who plays the piano by ear.  They are not always the best teachers.  You need to be able to read music to teach successfully. So lets review: Apply it, do it, experience it and get good at it.

Step 3: Being able to communicate what you have done and explaining the principles with confidence because that is how you duplicate yourself. 

Apply the tools that we have created. Utilize the philosophies that Juice Plus+ promotes
from other successful teams,  applying what has been done before you, because it works. Stick with the system.

“A leader brings vision, faith and courage to a coordinated effort. Vision to see what needs to be done. Faith to believe it can be done. Courage to persevere until it is done.”— Lauren Sanney