Promotion to Senior Sales Coordinator

Promotion Requirements

  • MINIMUM total of 16,000 Payline (Paid) PVC over a 2 consecutive month period (average 8,000 Payline PVC per month)
    • Second month Payline PVC can be no lower than 8,000
    • Maximum of 60% of 8,000 base Payline (4,800 Paid PVC) can count from any one line
  • 2 Lines in Performance Bonus (PB) for both months
    • PB Lines in bonus must be “Working Lines” by second month
      • A working line for SSC promotion level will be a MINIMUM of 6 ACTIVE/WORKING REPS that have minimum of 3-5 customers each, creating a minimum of 90 PAID PVC per Rep
    • Lines in bonus using EXCESS PVC to qualify, may affect Promotion approval
  • A Household/Spouse line will not count toward Structure for SSC promotion
    • Exception to that rule would be if there is a “Working Rep line”, within the spouse line, that could be used as the Structure requirements
  • Minimum of 4 lines that have been promoted to:
    • 1 line promoted to SC (must be EFFECTIVE by second month)
    • 2 lines promoted to minimum of VF (One of the VFs must be a 2000+ within past 6 months)
    • 1 line promoted to a minimum of DD
  • 3 Club by second month

Reward for Completing Requirements

  • • $1,000 Team Building Bonus
  • • $200 credit toward a Juice Plus+ Bootcamp

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