FDA Approval

This is a question we get asked frequently: “Is Juice Plus+  FDA approved?”  Below is our response based on information compiled from Dr. Carlos Madero, Juice Plus’s Director of
Quality and Technical Support (a PhD biochemist).

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not formally “Approve” or “Certify” nutritional supplements such as Juice Plus+.  These terms are more applicable to pharmaceutical (drugs) designed to prevent or cure specific conditions under the direct guidance of a physician  (only pharmaceutical drugs require FDA approval; supplements/nutraceuticals do not).  However, it is important for you to know that the FDA
inspects and monitors the Juice Plus+ facility our product labels and any claims we make. This is something we ask the FDA to come in and do that is NOT required by law but they want to be one step above other nutraceutical products.  This ensures that the product is manufactured under clean and safe conditions.  The FDA also addresses any product
complaints from the public.

Juice Plus+, while not “Approved” by the FDA, is regulated by the agency.

Also of note is that Juice Plus+ is manufactured by Natural Alternatives International (NAI) in San Marcos, CA.

Juice Plus+ is NSF Certified and the Juice Plus+ manufacturing facilities have been listed with NSF International, for compliance with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP): www.nsf.org/certified/gmp/listings.asp?certname=Natural+Alternatives

NAI also has the approval of the prestigious Therapeutic Goods Administration (Certificate Number 1562), an Australian Agency, which in my opinion is more stringent than either NSF International or the FDA. Many countries accept the TGA certification.

Finally, in our opinion, “FDA approved” doesn’t hold much credence!  Think of all the drugs that have been recalled within months and years of “FDA approval” due to their dangerous side effects and even death?!  So, when someone asks, “Is Juice Plus+ FDA approved?” you
now have some information so that you can provide some education to your inquirer.  Let’s not get defensive, but merely reply, “That is a great question Joe.  I had some of the same concerns so I know how you feel; but after doing some investigating, here is what I found…………” (feel-felt-found)!