Next Steps to Getting Started with your JP+ Virtual Franchise

So, you have decided to take full advantage of what this business has to offer – excellent choice!

Now complete these steps with your sponsor, not alone; this may take several sessions before you are finished. You should have already completed your first 4 Launch Steps. Here is a Sponsor Checklist to help a new Partner get started properly.

Overview the Mission Driven Model and the Mission Driven Model Booklet. Then …

Get Ready!

  1. After receiving your username and password email from The Juice Plus+ Company, log into your Virtual Office at and bookmark the site.

  2. Once logged in, go to the ‘Personal File’ tab top left. Choose “My Websites”.  This is where you will set-up your personalized website domain names and website design. You can choose which marquee and featured video to showcase on your personal site. See the video below for more helpful advice on your Virtual Office.

  3. Sign yourself up as your first customer! You can do this two different ways:

    • Visit your personal website and click on “Buy”. Follow the directions to set-up your order.

    • Login to your Virtual Office, click on “My Customers”, “Submit Customer Order” and then choose either “Submit New Juice Plus+ Order”, Submit New CHS (Children’s Health Study) Order” or “Submit New Tower Garden Order”.

  4. Download the VOXER app to your smart phone and get connected with your sponsor and support line.

  5. Once you have your Juice Plus+ and Tower Garden websites set up with your personal domain names, order your business cards and other sales support materials from Your first order will come with free shipping.

  6. Go to your personal Juice Plus+ website and look around:

    • Click on the different tabs at the top of the page to visit the Children’s Healthy Study website, your Tower Garden website and the Virtual Franchise website.
    • Click on the “YouTube” icon at the bottom of the home page…watch the videos on the Official Juice Plus You Tube channel.

  7. For some of the commonly asked questions and answers, visit and search this website for “questions and answers”.

  8. Go to your personal JP+ website, click on “About Us” and scroll down to “Events” to become familiar with events nationwide and ask your sponsor for your Local Events website.

  9. Visit the remaining sites to discover all the fun and social media around Juice Plus+ and Tower Garden:

  10. In addition to our website, visit the following websites for more more fun videos on Juice Plus+ and the Virtual Franchise:

Now Decide!

Decide What you want from your JP+ Virtual Franchise: short term, long term? $500 a month? $1,000 a month? $3,000 a month? More, for example Freedom? By When? Why do you want that, what will it mean for you to achieve it? What are you willing to do to achieve those goals? Your WHY is your fuel – complete this Why Sheet with your sponsor to help you fill your fuel tank; look to balance your WHY to achieve altruistic and personal dreams.

Now you can use this Sponsor Checklist and follow these steps below (be sure you completed Steps 1-4).

Step 5

Start Sharing Juice Plus+ with those on your list, using our online videos such as

You will find it really simple to share both Juice Plus+ and the Virtual Franchise with your friends and family using

Step 6

Commit to building your Belief. Watch these New NMD Speeches – one each day – and see if you are not inspired to take your business to that level!

Set some Goals – not too easy and not too aggressive. The 60 day Fast Track is our strategy; Sales Coordinator in 6 months is your destination! But you always set the pace, and we match it. Use this Workbook (with your sponsor) to set meaningful goals.

Step 7

Decide how/whether to use social media. This is optional, but using facebook, twitter, instagram and/or linkedIn properly can dramatically increase your success. Follow our guidance Here.

Step 8

Learn to apply and teach the philosophy and practice of our Freedom Revolution. It is the blueprint for success with your business.


Now to get you set up with your Virtual Office.

 Launching Your Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise               Getting Your New Partner Started Right