Go For No!

Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There.

For years we have trained on the importance of being willing to “mistake your way to success”. Now we have discovered an outstanding book and program that teach the same thing.

What if you could take the greatest obstacle standing between you and success, and turn it into your greatest asset?

Well, you can! You wouldn’t think one simple word with two tiny letters could have the power to keep countless individuals and organizations from realizing their goals and dreams. But they do… day after day, year after year. What two tiny letters can do all that? N. O.

It has been said that the word NO is the most destructive force in the world. It keeps people from reaching quotas, achieving goals, and pursuing the life of their dreams.

But what if that could change? What if, starting today, the word ‘NO’ stopped stopping you and actually became one of your most powerful assets?

Your willingness to increase your ‘failure rate’ is the single most important factor in determining the level of success you will achieve in business and in life. There are no exceptions to this rule!

What is your definition of ‘failure’?

These concepts can change your approach, your thinking and your strategy – for ever:
1: You must develop an empowering definition of “failure”.
2: Get beyond the “willingness” to tolerate NO and learn to embrace it!
3: Your N.Q. (NO-Quotient™) is significantly more important than your I.Q.
4: In terms of presentations, QUANTITY usually trumps QUALITY.
5: When it comes to increasing NOs, you’ve got a need for speed!
6: Your reaction to YES and NO should be of equal emotional intensity.
7: Create a heightened sense of NO “awareness” by counting your NOs
8: To value NO, you must know (and mentally verbalize) its value.
9: Having YES goals is important. Having NO-Goals™ is critical!
10: Increase the total number of NOs within every interaction.
11: Offering “options” is an important way to increase your NOs.
12: Achieving “success” requires a conscious decision to work to “failure”.
13: If your success rate is over 30%, you’re not challenging yourself.
14: It takes no more energy to get a BIG “NO” than to get a small one.
15: Never make decisions for others as to what they’ll decide, do or spend.
16: The only way to discover “the line” is to step over it now and then.
17: Within every NO is the information we need to move forward/improve.
19: NO doesn’t mean never; NO means not yet. Keep going! Don’t quit!
20: It’s not just what you “make” that matters. It’s what you become!

When you have read the book and used the resources below, we suggest you attend the “Go For No” Webinar by Dr. Jan Roberto and take the Go For No 30 Day Challenge.

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