How to Share Juice Plus+ with Everyone You Meet

by Carol Watson, RN, ND, NMD

I think maybe people focus too much on the rejection and the “no’s”.  We need to learn to move on to the next one and not worry about the no’s or let them discourage us.  As Wendy always says, “we need to get over ourselves, this is not about us,” and this is so true.

I approach sharing Juice Plus + with this in mind: I truly believe that every man, woman and child needs Juice Plus +…I have a total belief in the product and a passion to share it with everyone to whom I come into contact.

I follow the C3W rule:  Constant Contacts Create Wealth and 3 foot rule:  strike up conversation with everyone within 3 feet of you.

Cheryl Cortese, NMD says:  “Experience has proven to me over the years, that people don’t buy products, they don’t buy distributorships, they buy you!  They buy your feelings, your energy, your enthusiasm, your sincerity and your belief.” 

If we are passionate, sincere and enthusiastic, people will WANT Juice Plus +!  And, remember, that people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care!

I show how much I care by striking up conversations about the other person…I ask lots of questions about them and then I listen.  I listen to find out where they are in their life journey and how satisfied they are with their health and their job/career.  I have learned to not start answering questions that I wasn’t asked….which is what I did a lot of at the beginning.  I overwhelmed people with too much information.  The key is to say less to MORE people, let the prospects do most of the talking and then pass along the DVD/video to let the healthcare professional do the educating.  Learn to listen!!

I will say something like, “hi there, how are you doing?”  Most people respond with an “okay” or “fine” or maybe they will be honest and say “not so good.”Naturally, their next question to me is going to be, “how are you doing?”  I respond with an enthusiastic, energetic GREAT or AWESOME!  Of course, they look at me cross-eyed and usually ask something like, so “what drug are you on?”  And that is my opportunity to share with them about how I get my energy from God, from fruits and vegetables in a capsule and Curves (a workout center).  Then I ask, “would you like to know how you can feel better, perform better and live happier???”

Then I offer them a DVD/video (usually use Whole Truth) and tell them that this DVD/video could hold the key to a future of health and vitality for them.  I let them know a little bit about the speaker as a healthcare professional on the DVD/video and then ask them if they would listen to it.  PERIOD!  Most people say “sure,” so I then set up a time for a follow-up call or meeting within 48-72 hours, at their convenience.  Remember that you don’t have to be a nutrition expert; let the DVD/video do the talking for you.

And, this is they key to my follow-up:  PICK UP THE PHONE!!!! Because, you can’t get started, you can’t win their confidence, you can’t answer their questions, you can’t get the order, and you can’t destroy your own feelings of failure, UNLESS YOU MAKE THAT CALL!  You might surprise yourself!  Please don’t approach the call like you are intruding or bothering them, but let them know that you are very excited to hear how they FELT about what they heard on the DVD/video.  I listen to what they have to say and then I just ask, “so doesn’t Juice Plus + just make sense to you?”  Are you eating for prevention?  Well, here is a convenient and affordable way to get the nutrition you need to help your body run most efficiently.  They usually want to know the cost at this time so I just use the verbiage in Chap 4 of the manual to close the sale (when I first got started, the section in Chapter 4 on how to share DVD/videos and do follow-up was literally my guide for every phone call…..I literally laid it open to those pages on the frequently asked questions and answers and had my “Science of JP+ Research” brochure in hand, anticipating questions)…..and I assumed that EVERYONE will want to order.

Learn to WOW your prospects and customers and you will have them for a long time.  I tell my customers that they have not only bought a superb product that they won’t be disappointed in, but they have also bought a personal health coach and cheerleader because I will be checking up on them to see how they are doing and to answer questions.

Remember, people buy because of your passion, sincerity and enthusiasm.  Be sincerely enthusiastic and don’t be afraid to let your passion show.  I recently joined our local Chamber of Commerce and they let me give a 2 minute introduction of myself and what I do and I just shared my passion from my heart about the disease state in America and how it can be prevented and asked everyone in the room if they were eating for prevention and if not, come see me afterward.  I signed up 6 customers on the spot, without them even listening to a DVD/video.  They bought my enthusiasm & my belief in the product.

Don’t give up because sooner or later your prospects will have an “ah-ha” moment, as Wendy Campbell, RN, NMD refers to it.  They get it eventually.  Just keep them on your “drip list”  (you just keep gently, passionately dripping info on them) and keep sharing educational/nutritional information with them.  Remember that it takes an average of 5-7 exposures before a decision is made; most people don’t get it right away.  Also, remember that even the most successful Network Marketers experience a “NO” about 80% of the time.  THEY ARE JUST TALKING TO/SHARING WITH MORE PEOPLE!!!

Hope that helps you all with how to get this message of nutrition with Juice Plus + out to others and turn those “cold” prospects into customers with whom you develop a relationship.