Introduction to the Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise

If you start your Virtual Franchise at the level of our Healthy Living Partner Plan, that’s great.

“Can I tell you how, like me, you can cover the cost of your Juice Plus+?” … “I will help you share Juice Plus+ with enough of your friends and family to find 2 or 3 customers for Juice Plus+ in the next 30 days. With a couple of customers and your own Juice Plus+ orders you can accumulate 500 points and earn a $100 cash bonus, in addition to $100+ in profits.”

Share with a few more and you will cover the cost of your own family’s Juice Plus+.

If you want more from your Juice Plus+ Business, that’s even better – hop over there and keep reading.

Wherever you start, YOU set the pace and WE will match your speed!

The Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise is the perfect part-time business for busy people: low investment, low risk, low overhead, with virtually no territorial or other restrictions of any kind.

We are a mission-driven company, so you keep no inventory, The Juice Plus+ Company processes your orders, they ship directly to your customers, they collect their payment, pay you and your team, and manage your data.

A $50 start-up fee sets you up in business and authorizes you to represent Juice Plus+ (the best nutritional product on the planet!). You will receive a Starter Kit plus your own password-protected Virtual Office website, and your own personal Juice Plus+ and/or Tower Garden websites; these websites are free for the first 2 months, then just $5/month if you wish to continue.

Here is a one page document explaining more about how you can cover the cost of your family’s Juice Plus+.

Enjoy some of the videos at; do any of them bring to mind someone who might love Juice Plus+?

First let’s look at just how our business works: