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Woman to Woman
with Bunny Jumonville (2-time cancer survivor)
From Surviving To Thriving with Marilyn Joyce, R.D. (5-time cancer survivor)
Are you Digging Your Grave With Your Fork with Susan Silberstein, PhD (CACE)
In Case of Emergency with Paul Williams, M.D. (emergency medicine)
Call Me In The Morning with Mitra Ray, PhD (biochemistry)
From Here to Longevity with Mitra Ray, PhD (biochemistry)
Achieving Optimal Health with Bear Grylls & Mitra Ray, PhD (biochemistry)
Eat Well Live Well with Paul Stricker, M.D. (pediatric sports medicine)
Exploding the Diet Myth with Jack Medina (strength & conditioning)
Fueling & Training For Peak Performance with Jack Medina (strength & conditioning)
9 Simple Steps to a Healthier Family Diet with William Sears, M.D. (pediatrics)
Making a Difference (Children’s Health Study) with William Sears, M.D. (pediatrics)
The Whole TruthRevisited with Richard DuBois, M.D. (infectious disease)
The Science of Juice Plus+ with Richard DuBois, M.D. (infectious disease)

Juice Plus+ Songs By Dick Foley (The Voice of Juice Plus+)

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