Life Planning

A book I read recently has answered a question we’ve had for a very long time, and I can see the truth so clearly now.

The book is ‘Becoming a Coaching Leader‘ by Daniel Harkavy: It documents an approach they have developed and perfected over many years in the business world.

We’ve always known and taught in this business that there is only one unknown variable in the equation that represents your chance of success, because we all have the same Juice Plus+, the same Virtual Franchise, the same CDs, DVDs, etc., but relatively few ‘make it’.

This equation can be represented by:  Your Success = (Work x Growth) x You

Work is a given (this is a ‘working’ business); Growth is also a given – your success is directly proportional to the personal growth you experience along the way. ‘You‘ is/are (!) the unknown variable; ‘unknown’ because we don’t know your background, your mental/emotional/physical/spiritual condition, your experience, your ‘teachability’, your determination, your perseverance, etc. These are all factors which influence your success.

Of all the components that make up ‘You‘, the most crucial is the “WHY” factor. “Why” verbalizes the driving force that moves you to success as you work your Virtual Franchise. It’s your VISION; it describes what you and your life will look like as a direct result of achieving your goals.

Ok, so far so good (I hope you’re saying) … but what’s new? (you may be saying!)

Becoming a Coaching Leader‘ explains that while identifying and following a Business Vision is key and must precede developing and implementing an Action Plan, which then allows you to do good time and Priority Management (the other 3 key components) … there is something that MUST come first, before those three. That ‘something’ they call LIFE PLANNING.

Life Planning is a process that goes way beyond goal setting and priority management. If done properly, Life Planning will  “accumulate ‘net worth’ in the most important ‘accounts’ in your life: ‘net worth’ not only in your financial or career/business accounts, but in your relationship accounts, in your health accounts, in your recreational accounts, in your spiritual accounts – in your Life accounts that are the most important to you.”

Those who do quality Life Planning live more purposeful, fulfilled lives, because they make better life decisions, having discovered what is truly important to them. They
live with passion, free from regret or guilt, and have greatly expanded positive influence on the lives of others.

Reading the book, and starting on my own Life Planning  I realized this:

The people who do best in building their Virtual Franchise already have, or quickly develop, a clear, strong Why …  BECAUSE they have a clear idea of what’s important to them in life, and are already acting on those priorities. They are benefiting from
some form of 
Life Planning and the Vision that derives from it.

Some others in Juice Plus+ take a while, but get to that same point eventually – as I did. One reason Jenny and I eventually became successful is that I started with a very strong WHY – freedom from the corporate world – and I eventually learned to be teachable, after 3 tough years.

Having come this far, if you are willing to invest in your future, you can take three more steps (one, two or all three):

  1. Watch Michael Hyatt’s videos to get your creative juices flowing.

  2. Download and read Michael Hyatt’s book “Creating Your Personal Life Plan

  3. Build your own Personal Life Plan starting now