Managing your Business

There are many ways to manage your Juice Plus+ business … or not! Each of us is different, and the way we organize ourselves is very unique to us. For those of you who love to be totally organized, below are trainings by two of our soaring Eagles, Nicole and Amanda.

First, Nicole Helmstetler: “Trello is what I use to keep track of all my customers and prospects. It’s easy to use, mobile friendly, and a superior way to organize for me. You can take it or leave it, I know it’s not for everyone. Like a famous and beautiful person I know once said… “You’ve got to pick and choose what you will use!”


If you prefer to use an excel spreadsheet, below are two examples together with video instructions.

Thanks Amanda Schneider!

Amanda’s Sample Spreadsheet


Thanks Nicole Helmstetler!

Get Nicole’s Business Organizer (spreadsheet) Here


How to create your own Business  Organizer

How to use the My Prospects tab

How to use the My Team tab

How to use the Fast Tracker tab