Monthly Fees & Contributions

We pay small fees and contributions (one is optional) monthly or annually for the services that Juice Plus+ provides for our Virtual Franchise and for the Juice Plus+ Foundation:

1. Websites

For our websites – and (personalized) – subscription fees are automatically deducted from your paycheck each month. Fees are on a sliding scale, and are determined based on your title:

  • New Representatives – FREE for the first 90 days
  • Dealers and Direct Distributors – $5.00/month (after their first 90 days)
  • Virtual Franchisees – $12.00/month
  • Sales Coordinators – $15.00/month
  • Senior Sales Coordinators – $20.00/month
  • Qualifying National Marketing Directors – $25.00/month
  • National Marketing Directors – $30.00/month

All levels will receive the same great Virtual Office benefits, including a personalized Juice Plus+ website.

2. Customer Care

For all the work that The Juice Plus+ Company does in looking after our customers (from the time the order is entered) – note that Dealers are exempt  – all DD’s and VF’s are charged a Customer Care (‘ADS’) fee of $5.00 per month (automatically deducted from your paycheck each month), and all SC’s through NMD’s are charged $10.00 per month since their customer base is so much larger.

3. Charitable Giving Contribution

In the spirit of Inspiring Healthy Giving Around the World: at the Virtual Franchisee level or higher, ½ of 1% (.5%) of bonus and commission earnings will be deducted from the Juice Plus+ Company check each month to support the charitable activities of The Juice Plus+ Foundation. This percentage will be deducted automatically, unless the Rep chooses to opt out of this deduction. They may opt out at any time by sending an email request to that effect to

4. Children’s Health Study Contribution

While The Juice Plus+ Company covers the majority of the cost of this program and the free product, we each make a small contribution to fund the Study; here are the details.