NMD in FOUR MONTHS?! In Canada? By a MAN?! YES!

Dave Sanderson made National Marketing Director in 4 months; he is duplicating and far from being done.

Here is Dave, explaining to Dr. Mitra Ray  how he achieved this.

Here are Dave’s slides from a recent training (the numbers are Canadian!)

Listen in particular to his DMO and focus on Customer Care.  Dave’s approach is TOTALLY duplicatable for anyone willing to treat this as a business. Even Dr. Mitra Ray is changing her approach as a result!

[Dave mentions “T120” – this is the precursor to the Shred10. Each Shred10 customer receives  a 4-month supply of the Trio and the Complete shakes; they can continue the Shred10 lifestyle and see incredible results, like Dave.)

What does all this mean? Having heard in recent months from new NMDs Tori Davies, Kacy Schloss, Rachel Brewer (who achieved the top level very quickly) and now Dave Sanderson, the key takeaway is: it doesn’t matter which tools, techniques or programs we use.

What matters is the vision, focus, commitment and determination to use this business to change lives for the better.

What matters is that we choose the tools, techniques and/or programs that are a good fit for us personally, and that provide the perfect platform for our personal story, our passion and our mission.

What really matters – Dave makes this really clear – is that we work with intention, with a great DMO, with a focus on Customer Care, and that we treat this as a business. That’s what really matters!