The Power of Five: Foundation

by David Beavers

#1 Foundation for the Future

Listen to David

Today is very significant to me. February 5th is the day my life with Juice Plus+ many years ago. Most of those years have been with Juice Plus+.  Needless to say, they have been the best, the most satisfying and certainly the most profitable.

I’m one of the fortunate ones. My business was launched with a lot of apprehension, many questions and a deep concern about what people would think of me. Actually, it really wasn’t a deep concern, it bordered on paralysis. So how was I so fortunate?

I had some great cheerleaders.  Every new partner should be so lucky. Professionally speaking, we call these people Sponsors, but in the real world what every new partner needs is a cheerleader, better yet, several cheerleaders. Mine were Curt and Jackie. They coached, they encouraged, they called, they taught, inspired and led by example. Eventually I got it.

I forgot to mention the most important thing. They kept the business simple and focused on just a few things. And, here may be the most critical thing they ever taught me…the one that has left a lasting impact on my business, the longevity of my top leaders and my personal income. Would you like to know it? Here it is:

Live according to the “5 Laws”

Get 5 new customers every month

Find 5 good people

Develop 5 good leaders

Pour your life into 5 good people

Develop 5 strong legs in your business

There is so much wisdom in those words. You cannot begin to fathom the Power of 5 and what it brings to your business. After 15 wonderful years with Juice Plus+, I see the wisdom and I feel the power of building into at least 5 good people.  Over the next few weeks, I’m going to talk about the Power of 5.  It’’s the Foundation for your Future.

#1 Foundation for the Future

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