The Power of Five: Multiplication

by David Beavers

#4 Super-Sizing Your Business

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We’ve all seen and heard the ads about Super-sizing.  Bigger fries, bigger burgers, bigger drinks. When I was growing up, a bottle of Coca Cola was 6.5 ounces —for a nickel. I know this because my dad had a Coke machine in his furniture store. Today, for a dollar I can super-size my drink at MacDonald’s to 64 ounces. At least that’s what I’’ve heard. No personal experience, of course!

We live in a super-sizing culture.

So, why don’t you super-size your Juice Plus+ business? Why not super-size your vision for what this business could really mean to your family and to your organization.

That’s the idea behind the Power of 5. Find and develop 5 great people; —5 people who share your passion and your vision of a super-sized business

We teach and train our Virtual Franchise business concept by stressing how you first build a 3 Club. Duplicate, and you have a 12 Club. Duplicate again, and you have a 39 Club. That’s a fantastic teaching and recruiting and motivational tool. It’s our Track to Success.


Build 5 strong legs… not just three. I mean real legs, with real organizations, with real qualifying businesses, growing and developing and duplicating. Build 5 legs with momentum in each and every leg. Build 5 legs with a Qualifying Business and duplicate that for 3 generations. The result is a SUPER-SIZED 39 CLUB.

155 Qualifying Businesses to be precise.

There are many strategic reasons to build 5 wide, but I’m going to give you just one: MONEY.

Build 5 wide and duplicate three generations. You’’ve Super-sized your business and your income. By building 40% wider, you increase your income potential by almost 400%.

That’’s a Super-Sized Juice Plus+ Business. That’’s the Power of 5.

                      YOU                                                                                                           YOU

                   3 WIDE                                                                                                      5 WIDE

           3 GENERATIONS                                                                                   3 GENERATIONS

39 QUALIFYING BUSINESSES                                                       155 QUALIFYING BUSINESSES

  $120,000 ANNUAL INCOME                                                      SUPER-SIZED INCOME

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#3 Multiplying Your Efforts

#4 Super-Sizing Your Business

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