Prevention – you can’t feel it!

So “take Juice Plus+ for your Health, not for your Sickness.” That is important advice to give anyone considering or starting to take Juice Plus+, who has an illness or disease condition. You see, they often ask “Will Juice Plus+ help with my _______”

Our reply is: “That’s not something we can predict. But when you look through the  Juice Plus+ Research and realize that (statistically) you will see ALL these results when you take Juice Plus+ consistently every day, doesn’t it make sense that you will be getting healthier?” You can see the list of our ‘claims’ below – we confidently make these claims because of our independent published research.

It’s sad that some people take Juice Plus+ (usually inconsistently) for a few weeks or months and then stop, claiming that “it’s not doing anything”.

Yet, we have some loyal customers who have been taking Juice Plus+ for many years, even though they have never ‘seen’ any particular results or external benefits. They know, trusting the published research, that good things are happening on the inside; that they are aging more slowly and are in a lower risk category for almost all known diseases; they also have a much improved sense of well-being.

Juice Plus+ has been studied in universities and medical centers around the world, with 30+ clinical studies published in respected journals (and many more underway), showing Juice Plus+ to:

  • be bio-available (it gets into our blood)
  • significantly increase antioxidants in your body
  • significantly reduce free radicals (oxidative stress)
  • protect and help repair DNA
  • enhance the immune system
  • improve circulation
  • improve heart health
  • improve skin health
  • improve gum health
  • reduce symptoms of the common cold
  • reduce systemic inflammation
  • improve athletic recovery and performance
  • reduce body fat & improve insulin resistance in overweight boys

It is almost guaranteed (by the high ‘p factors’ of all the studies) that anyone taking Juice Plus+ consistently will see those results (on the inside). How they translate to external benefits is unique to the individual and different from person to person. But with all that going on inside, something good will usually show up on the ‘outside’!

Usually, but not always, because you just cannot feel prevention.

Some people expect that they will never again get a cold, strep throat or the flu.

First, it must be said, that is unrealistic. An improved immune system (and everyone who takes Juice Plus+ for 4+ months every day DOES have an improved immune system!) will certainly contribute to improved health, but some of us will still get colds, strep or flu. In most of those cases, we should get fewer colds, and when we do, (and this has been shown in more than one clinical study of Juice Plus+) the symptoms will be less severe, last not as long as before and we will need less or no medication.

If you look at that list of benefits above, you quickly realize that most of those are far more important than not getting a cold or flu, which are simply an inconvenience. Many of those results mean that we are aging more slowly and we are in a lower risk category for almost all known diseases.

If your customer thinks they’ve seen no benefits, please have them answer these questions – “if you’ve taken Juice Plus+ every day for 4 months I am sure you will have noticed several of these” (from the JP+ Experience Survey):

Juice Plus+ is the most thoroughly researched brand name nutritional product in history, and the #1 selling nutritional product in a capsule in the world, for good reason: it works and it’s proven.