Product Testimonials

“Take Juice Plus+ for your Health, not for your Sickness!”

Many people with various conditions and diseases have benefited greatly from Juice Plus+. That is one of the reasons Juice Plus+ research is going on. When doctors and ordinary folks see such results consistently, the word spreads, from ‘next door’ all the way to the universities. This is good for research and very good for our business!

The best thing is that armed with powerful research we are less tempted to fall back on testimonials, even when they are as good and genuine as the many we hear all the time.

One of the reasons testimonials are risky to use, is that they set you and your prospect/customer up for failure. Meeting expectations is no big deal. Exceeding them is. But failing to meet high expectations can be devastating to someone who is very sick. So PLEASE set expectations carefully.

I (Mick) have real experience of this – let me share a sobering story with you. In 1994, after 10 years of running marathons often with my brother Peter, he had to stop running because of arthritis symptoms. During the first year or two of working with Juice Plus+ we had heard many great stories about arthritis, so I persuaded Peter to take Juice Plus+. He did, for eight months over one winter, then stopped, having ‘seen’ no benefits. But that’s not the whole story. Peter was living in Montreal at the time – their winters are brutal. The previous four or five winters he’d been sick every year, had bronchitis, walking pneumonia and been hospitalized 2 or 3 times during that period. The winter he took Juice Plus+ he didn’t get a sniffle! But I had set him up to expect help with arthritis – so, to him, it was a huge failure. It was all my fault, and I feel even worse because several years later he had a mild stroke and lost 50% of the sight in one eye. He has also been battling prostate cancer in recent years. He will not listen to anything about Juice Plus+. He is the last of my English family and I can do nothing to help him with his health. He’s much more than a lost customer to me.

So, what do we say when someone asks if Juice Plus+ could help with XYZ?

We usually reply something like, “Yes, it could, but I don’t know, I can’t predict or promise, and in any case, that’s not the reason to be taking Juice Plus+. Fruits and vegetables are all about prevention of disease, and you can’t feel prevention, yet it’s real and it’s real important! That’s what Juice Plus+ gives – lots of fruits and vegetables to help lower your risk of degenerative disease. If it also helped you with XYZ that would be a bonus. We all know we should be eating more fruit and vegetables – in fact, now the USDA has increased the recommendation to 9 to 13! Juice Plus+ is a great way to help you do that, yet it’s so affordable. So why not get started now, experience real prevention and see what else it might do for you?”

We often quote Dr. Paul Williams: “There is no disease or condition on the planet that cannot be helped by good nutrition, like Juice Plus+.”

As far as Juice Plus+ research is concerned, there are no studies (and are very unlikely to be any) that address specific diseases or conditions. That’s dangerous ground that NSA will not tread. However, we can and do point to the results of Juice Plus+ research. Juice Plus+ has been studied in universities and medical centers around the world,
with 30+ clinical studies published in respected journals (and many more underway), showing Juice Plus+ to:

         ~ be bio-available (it gets into our blood)

         ~ significantly increase antioxidants in your body

         ~ significantly reduce free radicals (oxidative stress)

         ~ protect and help repair DNA

         ~ enhance the immune system

         ~ improve circulation

         ~ improve heart health

         ~ improve skin health

         ~ improve gum health

         ~ reduce symptoms of the common cold

         ~ reduce systemic inflammation

         ~ improve athletic recovery and performance

It is almost guaranteed (by the high ‘p factors’ of all the studies) that anyone taking Juice Plus+ consistently will see those results (on the inside). How they translate to external benefits is unique to the individual and different from person to person. But with all that going on inside, surely something good will show up ‘outside’!

So, our advice is to set lower expectations, provide great customer care, and you’ll have delighted, long-term customers.