‘How You Lead’ to Build Your Customer Base

We build our business one conversation at a time – sharing our products and sharing our business.

More than ever before, “The world is hungry for better health, a sense of belonging and an opportunity to live a life of purpose.” (John Blair, senior VP, The Juice Plus+ Company)

With Juice Plus+ we have exactly what they are looking for! So don’t hold back any part of the gift of Juice Plus+ – physical, social and financial.

In our conversations, we quickly reach the point where we must decide which product we will share with our prospect. Here are the four doors we may lead them through (remember door #5 is our Virtual Franchise!):

For a long time we always led with the JP+ capsules (door #1) – we now lead with the Trio, not just Orchard & Garden.

Success in the UK has been fueled by ‘leading’ with the Complete (door #2): it has a lower price point, it’s more appealing to GenY/Millennials, it’s simple (healthy food on the go) and it offers FAST results (even without the capsules!)

For some we can add a ‘track’ to run on with rules to follow with our Healthy Living Revolution program (door #3).

Of course, the Tower Garden (door #4) is a great conversation opener with a serious “Wow Factor”!

Try leading with the Complete and introducing Shred10 – you’ll be glad you did!

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