Share Your Story

This is a business of storytelling.  You do not need to be an expert on Juice Plus+ or our business, but you DO need to have a good story to tell!

Your Story is your best walking/talking Juice Plus+ brochure; it’s your message. So, it’s important to be prepared when a conversation opens the door to introduce Juice Plus+.

Your primary goal in your Virtual Franchise, every day, is to share your story as often as possible to open the door to Sharing Juice Plus+.

Your Story needs to be clear and compelling, sparking the listener’s imagination, to see themselves in the story.

Creating your Product and Business Stories is as simple as filling in the blanks on the worksheet below and memorizing the elements. But first:

Every great story has a ‘hero’, but the ‘hero’ in your story is not you; it’s not even Juice Plus+!

Your initial goal is to help your prospect see themselves inside your story. Help them visualize themselves as the ‘hero’. As you share your Story and Juice Plus+, make sure you are meeting THEIR Interests, Not YOURS! That’s spelled T.I.N.Y.

When the door opens, or if you feel compelled to share Juice Plus+ because you know that you have something that meets their need (T.I.N.Y.) … then get right to the point and say “I may have something that will help…” and/or “I thought of you because…”

Ask good questions and listen well. You can ask simple questions such as: “Are you interested in health and nutrition?” or “You seem like someone who is interested in health and nutrition. Am I right?” “May I share with you something that made a difference in my health?”

Lastly, decide … which product meets their need and share that.

If in a conversation it’s clear that the person has major financial concerns, it would be inappropriate to show them how to spend more money (on Juice Plus+). Rather, follow your heart and share your Business Story. “Can I share with you what I am doing to bring more money and health to my family?” As they listen, they will hear how great Juice Plus+ is, and if they decide to join your team, they and their family will benefit physically as they start to benefit financially. Help them visualize themselves in the story.

Take the trouble to write your Story down, refine it, shorten it and make sure it covers the head and the heart reasons why you love Juice Plus+ and love what you do.

Your Product Story

They will remember your Story better than any facts about Juice Plus+. Follow your heart and express your heart: it’s not so much about choosing the right words, as choosing the right people; effective stories communicate heart to heart, not head to head.

As we’ve been working with many of you to craft a powerful product story, we’ve often commented: “the story is good, but it lacks passion – or heart”. Make it heart-felt.

The end of your story is your testimonial – what you’ve seen since you (and/or your family) have been taking Juice Plus+. If you’ve seen no results, you can be “Thankful that the research promises that good things are happening even when we don’t feel anything.”

You might want to add “Wow!” or “Oh my gosh!” to the beginning to give it that feeling of passion.

Then always finish with a question, eg “Would you be open for more information?” or “If I send you a link to a fascinating short video, would you watch it and let me know what you think?”

Plan to share your Product Story twice a day at least.

Your Business Story

Your Business Story communicates your ‘Why’. Why you decided to do Juice Plus+ as a business. You see, “People will want to be part of what you do, when they understand and are inspired by WHY you do what you do”. Your team and your business will grow fast if you are able to communicate your Why as you share your Business Story – for two reasons:

  1. More of your friends and families will be inspired, and more of them will want to join you.
  2. Those who join your team will have already started Dreaming for themselves and will be better prepared to share their Why, as they start their Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise.

Here’s a four-step exercise that will help. Simply answer each of the following four questions in no more than two sentences:

  1. What do you do?
  2. What problem does your business solve?
  3. How is your business different?
  4. What Dream(s) will this business make come true for you?

Make your Dream(s) the essential core of your story. Keep each answer brief, then you will develop a succinct story that should take no more than 60 seconds and that should leave a lasting impression.

You can see our stories below. Your first sentence should be a “Twitter-friendly headline.” You should be able to describe your business in 140 characters or less, short enough for a ‘tweet’. For example, “I’m proud to represent Juice Plus+: the most thoroughly researched nutritional product in history!”

Armed with a compelling Business Story, your Memory Jogger of 50+ names (your ‘invitation list’) and your “Dream Team“, you will be off and running.

Plan to share your Business Story daily, so  you can invite 5 people every week to have a conversation with your mentor/coach about the business.

Crafting Your Story

You will find these notes useful as you craft your story.

Sit down with someone (eg. your coach, your sponsor) – in person or over the phone – and tell them the long version of your story; you can use the H.E.A.R.T. approach above, if it helps. Your coach will take notes and then you both work on bringing out the most important points in the right order, with the right emphasis … all in your own words, with tremendous enthusiasm.

Armed with your compelling stories (Product and Business), share them every day, at every opportunity, with everyone you meet, and you will be successful. Ask your friends and family if you can practice on them! Continue to refine your story as you go. Remember – keep it short and full of heart.

One last thought – it doesn’t have to sound ‘impressive’. We love what Jane Dias’s young son tells his friends and their parents about what his Mom does: “She helps people get healthy with fruits and veggies!”

Let “20 seconds of boldness” open the door, then you share your heart-felt Story to visualize themselves as the ‘hero’ of THEIR story.

Jenny’s Product Story

“Juice Plus+?  Oh my gosh!

When I first heard about Juice Plus+, I was so skeptical I refused to take it. I mean, how could they possibly get all those fruits and vegetables into those little gelcaps? Ridiculous!

But a few months later I took a closer look at it and, when I realized that it really was simply fruits and vegetables, I decided that it did make sense and that perhaps I needed it.

As a family, we had always tried to eat well, but it’s not easy. So I was got started and I’m so glad that I did. I had a history of polyps on my colon and was told I was a high risk for colon cancer. Research suggests that a diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables, and high in fiber, reduces that risk significantly.

I haven’t missed a single day of taking Juice Plus+ in over 20 years. In my late 60s, I take no medications, I have loads of energy, and I feel great!

If I sent you a link to a fascinating short video, would you watch it, and let me know what you think?”

Jenny’s Business Story

“Oh my gosh, I LOVE what I do!

Working from home gives me the freedom to set my own hours and spend lots of time with our 6 grandchildren – my main purpose in this season of my life.

I help people get healthy with the best nutritional product on the market today – Juice Plus+.

The company makes it so simple, shipping Juice Plus+ directly to our customers. And they send us a very nice check every month. We get a great benefits package, including health insurance, dental, tuition program, holiday bonus.

We also get to travel the world – another passion of mine! If you’d like to take a peek at what I do, I’d love to get together sometime and tell you more about it.”

Mick’s Product Story

I was 46 years old when I started taking Juice Plus+. Today I’m 73, so clearly it hasn’t stopped me aging on the outside, but I believe it has on the inside!

Since that day 27 years ago when I started those fruit and veggie capsules (we didn’t have Berry and Omega blends then!) I haven’t missed ONE day since.

In the beginning I didn’t notice too much, but after 9 months on Juice Plus+, I had remarkable results in 2 marathons that I ran 6 weeks apart: my performance and post-race recovery were phenomenal, AND I didn’t get sick (that was a first!) NO BRONCHITIS. NOT ANTIBIOTICS!

You see, I had a weak immune system from birth, with life-long asthma and bronchitis needing daily inhalers and antibiotics 3 or 4 times EVERY year of my entire life and always after running a full or half-marathon.

So, when I didn’t get sick after those back-to-back marathons, I realized something amazing was happening. It had to be Juice Plus+!

Since then, I’ve only needed antibiotics 3 times and not once for bronchitis; and my asthma is a thing of the past.

My experience is no longer a surprise. Huge numbers of people around the world have similar stories, and now it’s clinically proven by gold-standard research published in major medical and nutrition journals: that Juice Plus+ supports a healthy immune system.

Even my taste buds changed. Before Juice Plus+ I would not eat anything green; spinach? You’ve GOT to be kidding! Within a year or so, I discovered a new love of spinach and kale and all greens. Today I especially love those veggies picked right off our Tower Garden.

Now, at the age of 73, I take no medications of any kind. I’m pretty fit and VERY healthy! Juice Plus+ simply restored my immune system.

Mick’s Business Story

“I’m proud to represent Juice Plus+: the most thoroughly researched nutritional product in history! After 23 years with IBM (mostly in technical support), the Juice Plus+ business really appealed to me. Helping people with their health and wealth is a lot more rewarding than dealing with computer problems all day long.

Juice Plus+ dramatically improved my own health and fitness, so I felt compelled to tell people about it, and soon it became a serious business for me and my wife, allowing me to escape from the corporate world forever. Juice Plus+ has provided our sole source of income for over 18 years – and a substantial income it is!

We’ve been full-time with this business, working from home, and over the years we’ve built an international business that has given us the time to travel, and the money to enjoy our freedom. We spent 4 years on the road as full-time RVers (at an age when most people are too young to have that kind of freedom), a year building our dream log home with our two sons in the Colorado Rockies, and also putting in volunteer time at our church. Now we live in a bigger second dream home very close to our sons, their wives and our 7 grandchildren.

Our Dreams are bigger than ever, including seeing family and friends join us on this road to financial freedom.

Would you be open for more information to see if this could be for you too?”

5 Elements of Powerful Stories