The Power of Duplication

growing-a-network‘Duplication’ involves two different but tightly-connected concepts:

  1. Duplication is about results: the exponential growth that comes from our business model.
  2. Duplication is about action: the importance of keeping what you do simple, so others can “duplicate” you (OR IS IT?!)

The first is vital and pretty easy to understand; the second is often misunderstood. To a significant degree the second leads to the first – that’s why it’s so important.

Since the beginning of our Juice Plus+ career (that began in 1990) we have heard that it’s important to be ‘duplicatable’. “You have to be duplicatable; use a duplicatable system (which we absolutely have!), etc.”

But, you know what? I’ve never really been able to duplicate my sponsor, or his, or…! And it’s not because I didn’t try. But being just like them is almost impossible – it’s not even desirable! They have their own personalities, strengths, gifts, passions … and so do we. What’s more:

I don’t WANT my team to duplicate ME!

So, is this duplicatable thing just a myth?

Which leader do you know that’s truly duplicatable? They all have unique talents. They developed their unique skills and personality which attracts certain people to them. And that’s what makes their business grow. And where did they get those skills and personality? It came through personal growth that comes from working this business and investing in training to develop their mindset and skills.

I have changed as a person because of this business. I’m a better communicator, I’m a better marketer and I have a better mindset. The most important thing is not to get your team to duplicate YOU.

Our purpose is to help our team grow as individuals and find their own way of working our duplicatable business model that will make their skills and personality shine.

How To Ask The Right Duplicatable Questions

New partners ask their sponsor what to do. Too often the sponsor happily shows them what they do and how they do it, but most of the time it doesn’t work for the new partner! The sponsor doesn’t take into consideration their own personality, experience and skills.

This is where duplicatation breaks down. If they follow their sponsor’s advice and can’t reproduce their success,they get frustrated. They start to doubt and wonder “what is it that they are not telling me?” They begin to think:

  • I don’t have what it takes
  • They are better than me
  • I can’t do what they do
  • She is a born speaker
  • It will never work for me

By asking the wrong questions, you get the wrong answers. It’s not about how you can be like them. It’s about how you can be YOU and be effective at working our business model.

The duplicatable fundamentals in this business are always the same – they are embodied in our Mission Driven Model.

Our business model starts with your “warm market”. Start by contacting people that you know. But it doesn’t stop there. In fact, only one person on our entire Juice Plus+ team today was already a friend in 1990.

We all share with our personal contacts, some use postcards,  many use social media, some “3-foot” strangers. So… in the end, any method that works … works!

On our team we have doctors,  personal trainers and other professionals who have a client or patient base; they have power of influence over them so that when they recommend Juice Plus+,  many will take it. Is that duplicatable? No! Unless everyone they sponsor is a personal trainer, or a doctor, or…. So should we tell him not to sell products using their influence because it’s not “duplicatable?” Absolutely not!

Their Duplicatable System Not Yours!

Here’s what we’ve learned over the years: adopt and teach a “duplicatable system” that encompasses any contact method your team members want to use:

  • Facebook (or not)
  • Twitter (or not)
  • Health fairs and trade shows (or not)
  • Warm market and/or cold
  • 3-footing (or not)
  • Using the phone (or not)
  • Texting (or not)

We have a wonderfully duplicatable system… But let’s not limit our team members from doing the business the way that best fits what they feel comfortable doing and that best uses their gifts and strengths and supports their passion or personal mission. I think of the many “Moms on a Mission” in Juice Plus+.

If your ‘duplicatable system’ is talking to people on the street, you’ve limited your business to people who are comfortable talking to strangers on the street.

As a leader, don’t get in your team’s way – let them make the Juice Plus+ business and products known, in their own way! But also, don’t be so ‘way out there’ that your own method is distracting. You can’t be duplicatable (except to a few of your team), but don’t make them feel “I don’t have what it takes”, etc.

One of the first things to help them with is to get 5 prospects a day quickly. That’s where Sharing by Texting comes in. Without making phone calls (always hard for new partners), they can have a list of prospects to work with from day 1.

Here’s what happens . When you get 2 new people a day watching a video or reviewing information you sent them, and you get to follow-up with them a day or two later… within 5-10 days you have so much going on, that it changes your whole mentality from one of scarcity, to one of abundance and prosperity.