Tips For YES

“97% of all orders are not made on the first call.” (Jeffrey Gitomer).

It may take 3-5 exposures for a prospect to order Juice Plus+.  An exposure is a visit to the website to watch a DVD or video, listening to an audio CD, attending a Zoom or  Wellness Presentation, etc.

Realize that “no” is not a rejection of YOU but rather the message.

Often “no” means not right now but possibly down the road.

Remember we are sharing an incredible health gift with others.

People share information everyday about great movies, books, stores that they love, etc.  We do that with Juice Plus+!

Be friendly.

Be concise.

Have the attitude of helping rather than selling.

Use humor – people love to laugh.

Ask questions.

Know hot buttons (things that make your prospect want Juice Plus+)

Don’t be afraid to ask if they are ready to add Juice Plus+ to their diet.

Use Feel, Felt, Found.

Listen more than you talk.

Don’t share your experiences when someone is sharing his/hers.

Don’t finish other people’s sentences.

Don’t look away when someone is talking to you.

Focus on the person rather than yourself.

Don’t finish other people’s sentences.

Be patient and persistent in a kind way.

Most will eventually say “yes”, so leave the door open: “I understand: this isn’t for  you right now. Would it be ok if I put you on my email list for occasional articles about health and nutrition? May I invite you to a future event to hear an expert on the subject?”