Virtual Franchise Overview

How to Build a Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise

1. Start as a Juice Plus+ Preferred Customer

2. Become a Juice Plus+ Partner

3. Become a Juice Plus+ Partner with Goals

   1st Build a base of customers

  • Follow the system: Fast Track
  • Establish a Qualified Business with 30-40 customers
  • Earn $500 a month – $6,000 a year/part-time
  • Share your business story and vision for you and your family

   2nd Build a Team of people like you from some of your customers

  • Find 3-5 people just like you…1 out of 7-10 customers becomes a partner
  • Teach 3 to build a Qualified Business like yours
  • Establish a ‘3 Club’ – you + 3 or more Qualified Businesses
  • Earn $15,000 a year/part time

   3rd Build with your Team an organization of Juice Plus+ Partners

  • Teach others how to build a team of distributors with goals
  • Build a ’12 Club’ – you + 12 or more Qualified Businesses
  • Earn $40,000 a year/part-time
  • Focus on personal growth/leadership skills/helping others
  • National Marketing Director is in your sights; you need about 16-20 Qualifying Businesses. NMD benefits:
    • Up to $3000 a month in Expense supplement (20%)Click to view full size
    • Health insurance
    • Dental insurance
    • Prescription
    • Disability
    • Long Term Care
    • Life Insurance
    • College Tuition Reimbursement
    • Holiday bonus

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