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New Representative Welcome Emails

IMPORTANT: the new process for sponsoring a Rep will take longer than before. So, do NOT leave it until Qualifier's Day to enter a new application! From now on, it's a TWO step process:

Step 1: When you enter an application online to sponsor your new team member, this will generate a welcome email with a link to their terms and conditions agreement, which they must accept. The email looks like this:

Step 2: Your new representative must click on the welcome email link, review the agreement and accept the terms and conditions. Acceptance of the terms & conditions will complete the process by generating another email with your new Rep's username and password for their Juice Plus+ Virtual Office:

It's important to keep up with, and move ahead, of industry standards with regard to protection of personal information.  We must present the terms and conditions of the Representative Agreement to all new Reps.  We can’t make them read it, but we must do everything possible to make certain that it is available to them.

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