Wellness Plus+ Program

The Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise is the perfect part-time business for busy people. Many physicians and other professionals have expressed a sincere interest in Juice Plus+ as a whole food supplement for their patients, clients and customers.

While many physicians have the office organization to support a “full scale” implementation of our Wellness Plus+ Program, others prefer a “lower key” approach for one or more of the following reasons:

  • They prefer to be indirectly involved with the “selling” of Juice Plus+ to their patients.
  • Their office staff is also too busy to add more to their existing workload.

For these physicians we have a tried-and-proven way to “share” Juice Plus+ with patients in the physician’s office, then sign them up on the Preferred Customer program outside the office. This program provides a tripartite support group to insure success: the Sponsoring Partner, the Wellness Coordinator, and the Physician or professional.

Now the Wellness Plus+ Program lets a new partner add additional income to his or her existing practice or business — without the time, the cost, and the risk that would usually be involved.

It’s not just for doctors and health professionals.  It’s for anyone who has a large patient, client, or customer base — like fitness instructors, dance or music teachers, athletic coaches, lawyers, or anyone who does not have the time to start a new business.  Your goal is to educate them and get them and their families started on Juice Plus+.

Once they believe in Juice Plus+, then you can present the program to them using the official brochure. This brochure is the tried and tested way to help a physician understand how they can get Juice Plus+ to their patients.

The Wellness Plus+ Program links a participating partner and a person called a Wellness Coordinator in a positive and rewarding business relationship.  The Wellness Coordinator is usually you, the sponsoring partner. There is now a perfect Pay Option Available for Wellness Plus+.

The role of a Wellness Coordinator provides you, the sponsoring Partner, an opportunity to support your PSP participant in getting his or her business off the ground.  A Wellness Coordinator can also be a member of the participant’s staff, a spouse, or stay-at-home mom.  It isn’t necessary for a Wellness Coordinator to be a partner.

After the Dr. recommends Juice Plus+ in their office the patient fills out a form confirming they would like more information about Juice Plus+, then the Wellness Coordinator calls them within 48hrs.  What do you say?  Jan Saran has recorded this excellent sample call to a Dr’s patient; use your own words but model your calls on her expert example.

Here are the “Seven Steps to Success with the Wellness Plus+ Program“.