Building Momentum

with Commitment, Consistency, Conversations and Connection

Most of us generate good momentum at the start of any new venture (be it New Years resolutions or our new business venture), but it can be tough to keep that momentum going and not let it slip.

Momentum in Juice Plus+ is a learned skill. The result of momentum is similar to the results of taking Juice Plus+ every day for 3 years, compared with taking it for 4 months – see the Children’s Health Study results! There is a cumulative effect that builds and grows and that is self-sustaining.

“Success in this business is not about creating volume; success is about creating momentum – volume is the result.” Cheryl Cortese, NMD. Listen to Cheryl, one of the most successful ladies in Juice Plus+, explain Momentum, how to get it and keep it going.


  • To your Why – Dreams and Goals
  • To your DMO (Daily Method of Operation)
  • To high-payoff Activity that results in a high return on your investment of time and effort

Cheryl emphasizes the need to be committed to your personal activities, to your personal Daily Method of Operation.

What kind of commitment is needed to be successful with Juice Plus+? One way to answer that is to ask yourself: “Self?! Where do you want your business to be – what do you want your customer base, your team, your check to look like – at the next Juice Plus+ Conference or at year-end, or in 5 years time?”

Your answer to that question will help you decide what commitment is appropriate – how big or small, how demanding or … not.  If it’s a big commitment, it can keep you focused, will Keep Your Eyes On The Prize, if you have a clear picture and if that picture challenges you, inspires you. We call this your Why.

Your “Why” includes a destination with many milestones (ie. interim Goals) – where you want your business to be at the next Conference or at Christmas are milestones. Remember: “if we aim at nothing we’ll hit it every time”! So be sure to aim at ‘something’ and make it worthwhile and challenging, as Gordon Hester says: “Aim high, work hard and enjoy the journey”.

Know this: what you do today, this week, this month and next month will determine whether your business looks as you want it to in April, in October and in December; knowing this will motivate you to build and maintain the momentum you need for success.

Commit to be intentional every day to do your daily activities, towards your Prize, with clear interim goals.

Read this great article on Commitment.

Commitment to Consistency

  • Consistent, daily, disciplined activity leads to success.
  • Quality vs quantity – focus on high-payoff activities (see our 90-Day Challenge Contest for details)
  • Always do one thing (at least) for your business every day, no matter what.

However busy you are, or however you ‘feel’ like doing something else on this beautiful day, always do one thing (at least) for your business every day, no matter what. This is what Nicole Fletcher and her team do: talk to at least one person about Juice Plus+ every day.

We all have plenty of opportunities to meet people and share Juice Plus+, such as: sports events, pool parties, weddings, wedding showers, graduation parties, reunions, camping, county fairs, farmers markets, July 4th parties, holiday parties, garage sales, Jazz in the Park (or similar outdoor concerts). The advice “You never need to go out to work this business if you learn to work the business while you are out” applies perfectly to all these opportunities.

Commit to consistent daily activities.

Commitment to Conversations

  • The first, most important high-payoff activity is daily conversations about Juice Plus+
  • Approach Conversations Without Fear
  • Say less to more people: instead of an hour talking to one person, spend 15 minutes talking to four, or better 10 minutes talking to 6
  • Become a world-class listener: listen for 10 minutes and speak for 5
  • You can start the conversation by text, email, Facebook or Twitter, but quickly say “Let’s talk” and pick up the phone

During your Conversations use all your favorite tools, eg:

Commit to Conversations and Connection, with you listening well … this will build confidence, momentum and business!

Commitment to Connection

Attending the Spring and Fall Juice Plus+ Conferences is one of the most important ways to build and maintain momentum in you and in your business. As well as your own attendance, bringing a prospect and inspiring your team to come with you is also very important.

It’s also important to plug in (to connect) in all other ways – bootcamps, local events, conference calls, 3-way calls. All of these help you build and sustain personal momentum.

Commit to your Team’s Monday Night Zooms.

Commit to attend events and the next Conference and to allow that investment to propel your business.