Converting Customers into Partners

by Karen Weaver

How do we do that?

Through great conversations, customer care, building relationships, asking questions, asking more questions, listening, listening, listening.

Remember the statistics:

  • 85% only interested in JP
  • 10% may be interested in the business at a later date
  • 5% might be interested right away

How do we find the 10%?

  • Listening!!
  • The real art of communication is in the listening!

“Listening is a gift you can give anyone and it doesn’t cost you a penny.”  Michael Oliver

This is how we normally listen:

  • 45% of the time we’re supposed to be listening, we’re working out what we’re going to say next.
  • Another 45% of the time is spent waiting for a gap in the conversation so we can say it.
  • That leaves only 10% of the time listening!
  • So are we listening when we spend only 10% of the time doing it?
  • No…we can’t be. So how much of the time should we spend listening?? 100%

When I focus on me, I increase my anxiety. When I focus on you, I decrease my anxiety.

Develop the art of asking the right questions at the right time.

Learn how to listen – and what to listen for

“Any fool can come up with the answers. But the real measure of wisdom is coming up with
the right questions. “

How is the current economic climate affecting you?  -or-

How is your family being affected by this downturn in the economy?

Acronym:  F.O.R.M.S.

F is for Family

O is for Occupation

R is for Recreation

M is for Money

S is for Spiritual

Conversation…not Interrogation! Relax… and remember the main points of the conversation.

The more you relax, the more you remember.

 “If there were a way for you to __________________, would you want to hear about it?”

 “…well, based on what you’ve told me, I’m doing something that might fit with what you’re looking for. If you’re open to information, I’d be happy to share it with you.”

“…the other day when we were talking and you said _______________.  Were you serious or Were you just kidding?”

 “I think there may be a solution to your problem.  I don’t have time to talk about it now, but could we meet for coffee tomorrow and discuss it?”

Always make it a habit – on your 100 day follow up call or when they receive their 2nd box –
let them know about the business!

Listen for “raving fan customers”:

  • Getting great results with Juice Plus+
  • Giving you referrals
  • Dissatisfied

Ask your “Raving Fan Customers” to have a Wellness Presentation in their home with their friends and family.  At the end of the evening, ask “Do you want these to be my customers or yours?”

 Let your sponsor or upline ask the questions in a 3-way call:

  • “Mary…Jane tells me that  you love your Juice Plus+!!  Tell me, what is it that you love about it?”
  • “Have you ever thought about sharing that great story with other people?”
  • “Would you be open to some information about our business?”

Or Use the “third party” approach: “Who do you know?”

  • …“that’s health conscious and would like to earn $500-1000/month part-time working from home?”
  • …”that would like to develop a part-time income of $25,000 annually within 2 years?”
  • …”that would like to create an additional profit center for their business without additional overhead?”

Or “would you do me a favor?”

  • …”I have no reason to believe that that I’m doing would be of any interest to you…
  •  I know you’re busy with ______________, but would you do me a favor and
    listen to this DVD and let me know who comes to mind that I might talk to?”

Or…”I know you know a lot of people. You probably know just the person I’m looking for.

  • “Would you do me a favor?  (repeat above)

Or…”Who do you know in _______________? I’m expanding my business there.

  • (use your virtual office to find events)

Invite your customers to your Wellness Presentations and Health Lectures.

  • Shows them how simple our business is
  • They see they can do it
  • Further solidifies their belief even if they’re not interested in the business


Quantity of practice is more important than quality

Keep your conversations relaxed

Let go of your attachment to the outcome

Don’t start “selling” as soon as you glimpse an opportunity

Go slow to go fast!

Invest time in people

Once they do show an interest, invite them to look at the Virtual Franchise business model:

  • By reviewing the VF booklet together
  • By inviting them to an in-home Virtual Franchise overview
  • By asking them to look at the website
  • By attending a VF Workshop, Regional, Bootcamp, or Leadership Conference
  • By attending a Business Overview Luncheon or Dinner
  • By asking them to listen to a webinar on the Virtual Franchise
  • By putting them on a 3-way call with your sponsor to explain the business model.

Then continue asking questions…

  • “What did you like best about what you heard?”
  • “ What would you do with an extra $500/month?”
  • “Have you ever thought about starting your own business?”
  • “What would you like to achieve in your new business?”

Don’t prejudge anyone!!

Your goal is to find 3-5 like-minded, motivated people who are as serious as you are.

Hint:  it might not be the first 3-5 people you sponsor.  Rule of 4 (for every 4 people you sponsor)

  • One will sit on the fence and watch
  • One will quit
  • One will retail some Juice Plus+
  • One will build a Juice Plus+ business

Just master the basic job description: Build a customer base, from your customers find the Reps that want to join you in the business, teach them to do the same.

What’s easy to do is easy not to do! Be persistent and consistent with your business so you’ll have a stable and lasting foundation for success.

Attitudes are contagious!  Is yours worth catching?

Have fun!!

In summary…take a genuine interest in your prospects, your customers, your reps.  Listen
to what they want, and help them get it.

Our success is determined by how many people we talk to.  The more people we talk to, the more become customers.  The more customers we have, the more Reps we’ll find.

The more reps we have, the more money we’ll make – the more lives we’ll affect – and the bigger difference we’ll make.

 Zig Ziglar – “If you help enough other people get what they want in life, you’ll automatically get what you want.”

Margaret Mead – “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

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