Doing Life

Every week (best on Sunday night or Monday morning) let’s sit down (perhaps with our coach on the phone) and look ahead day by day to see where we will be “doing life” this week.

As we do this, let’s think about who we are likely to see in each of those places, who we want to share our Story with, and write down the names of those with whom we want to share Juice Plus+. As the week progresses, we can record who we talked to, the key points of the conversation, what we gave them, etc. We can also write down the names of other people we met and what happened.

The documented “Doing Life” Plan (see templates at the bottom) builds a living, fresh Memory Jogger.

“Doing Life” Plan Example

Mary (a stay-at-home Mom) talks to her coach every week and makes her “Doing Life” Plan, she identifies one or two people she expects to see and talk to.

What “Mary’s” week might look like:





Who I’ll Talk To


School run

Home, ballet


Jane P, Frank R



Home, soccer

JP+ Follow-up

Monica C


School run



Sandy H, Cheryl M





Rachel I, Sarah J


School run


Date night

Theresa D




Out to dinner

Wayne T, Claire W





Each day she adds to her “Doing Life” Plan names and notes of conversations she has had during the day, and what CD or DVD she loaned them. She also document follow-up with others she has already spoken to.

It brings the business into your life in a manageable way, makes it intentional, but natural – it just molds into your life.

Rachel Harries, NMD, Dallas, TX

Some days Mary will talk to different people from the ones planned; that’s great: she still has the original names listed and has added more to her Memory Jogger!

At a rate of 2 names a day Mary will grow her Memory Jogger by at least 10 a week, so at the end of her first 60 days, she will have 80 names on her Memory Jogger – all fresh names of people she meets while out ‘doing life’. She will also be really good at sharing her

I love the idea of this “Doing Life” plan. Finally a way to incorporate my “life” schedule into my notes/ thinking/planning on who I will actually be seeing as I’m out and about… and those days I
don’t have events planned, I can ‘plan’ my life errands so I can meet folks on my ‘light activity’ days and still come in contact with a couple folks each day. Yay! 
It will also help me review my activities in my weekly coaching calls. It will help me 
keep track of who I talked to and who I didn’t see yet.

Amy Irby, SC, Flower Mound, TX

Mary uses her Virtual Office to record her prospects, schedule her follow-up and record the activities that turn them into customers and some into Partners.

This approach easily gives Mary lots of people to invite to her Wellness Presentations. The invitation will be face-to-face, fresh and much more effective than by phone or
email. She will use the standard ‘Call-Send-Call’ invitation approach, but the first ‘Call’ has been done face-to-face while out ‘doing life’: the most effective way we know.

When completing the “Doing Life” Plan each week, Mary will, of course, write down any Juice Plus+ Events she plans to attend. This makes sure her “doing life” plan includes her
Juice Plus+ activities and reminds her to invite (or confirm her invitation with) people to the events.

The “Doing Life” Plan makes a perfect discipline for everyone, from brand new JP+ Partner all the way to NMD.

For New JP+ Partners

In addition to starting with their “Doing Life” Plan, the new JP+ Partner should also work with their sponsor/coach on ‘Designing your Team’ , so they know if/when they are likely to meet those 5 people while they are out ‘doing life’. This is important as they want to do everything right with those people.

From their first week the new JP+ Partner should get their sponsor/coach on 3-way calls (if the prospect agrees) when following up with those they have spoken to. With anyone open to the business, they can invite them to meet with their sponsor/coach at (eg) a local Starbucks.

For Leaders/Coaches

If you are a Leader of your Juice Plus+ Team and want to coach your teammates, (as well as using the “Doing Life” Plan yourself!) this will be an excellent tool to help your team member build a face-to-face contact plan, and hold them accountable if they are willing.


Here are pdf and word templates you can use to develop your “Doing Life” Plan.

“Doing Life” Plan (.pdf)   • “Doing Life” Plan (.doc)