Health Professional Onboarding

We are honored to welcome you to the world of Juice Plus+. You are joining thousands of other health professionals around the world who have decided to partner with this great company, which was founded in 1970 (Juice Plus+ was launched in 1993.)

Here you will find recommended resources that will both affirm your decision to join our mission and help you quickly add Juice Plus+ to your office.

First, let’s introduce our brand and build your belief:

We know you are busy. Our Wellness Plus+ Program enables you to share Juice Plus+, build a customer base and contribute to your professional success with minimal demands on your time or disruption to your existing business. Full details of the Wellness Plus+ Program are here.

When you are ready, we will happily explain the power of the Juice Plus+ Compensation Plan, which includes Express Track options to get off to a fast start (earning title rewards along the way) and a comprehensive benefits package at Leadership and Executive levels. But for now, here is our warm welcome to Juice Plus+:

Finally, below you will find archives of high quality videos:

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